* Warby Parker New Glasses Launch!

Hello everyone, it’s felt like a while since I’ve been here, anyway, today I want to share with you my thoughts on the new Warby Parker glasses launch. For any of you who don’t know this is what Warby Parker is;
‘Warby Parker is an American brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses founded in 2010. Warby Parker sells online and has a limited number of showrooms in the United States and Canada.’ (Taken from Wikipedia) 

Today I am going to be talking about the new spring collection, which has the tag line ‘Metal Moment, all that glitters is not gold—sometimes it’s other kinds of metal. And sometimes it doesn’t so much “glitter” as “subtly gleam,”

The sunglasses come in three different colours, purple, blue, red, green and copper.  f_12_metalcapsule_groupshot_bennet_whitebkd

I really like the colours of these as they are very bold and out there and I feel like if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind people turning their heads to look at what you’re wearing, these will probably be perfect for you. I also like how bold these colours are because it is like a statement piece, so I wouldn’t go wearing any fancy / big jewelry if you are going to be wearing these as it may look a bit too much. I also wouldn’t wear these with bright coloured clothing, maybe black, white and grey, or more subtle colours, I wouldn’t wear this with any neon / bright pinks or greens.


Personally, I really like the style of the sunglasses and how simple the frame is and the one bold colour on the eyes but the only issue I have is from the pictures you cannot see the persons eyes, I personally don’t like sunglasses like that as you can’t tell where the person is looking and I just generally like to be able to see the other persons eyes when talking to them. Apart from that, they look like great sunglasses.

These are the new glasses for the collection, I personally prefer these glasses over sunglasses, even though I don’t need to wear glasses and only ever purchase sunglasses, I always prefer the styles and colours of glasses. These glasses look very nice and I really like the shape of the square shaped glasses, mainly because I prefer that style on glasses. I also really like the light baby pink coloured glasses as I’ve never seen anything like it before and I feel like it would be able to go with almost every outfit combination possible and if you’re not afraid to make a statement when it comes to glasses, I feel like this would be awesome. After checking out the glasses page on the website, it gave me some information about the glasses.


There are three different materials that the glasses are made out of, the Cellulose Acetate which is the square framed glasses. This glasses have the signature Warby Parker emblem along inner temple tip. They also retain their shape which is amazing because it means you won’t always have to replace your glasses. They also retain their sheen, vivid hues and patterns over time, which I also think is amazing because then your glasses will always look near enough new. Their glasses also state that they are very durable and have sturdy barrel hinges with Akulon-coated screws to make it durable. These glasses sound like everything you have ever wanted in a pair of glasses because the colour stays and doesn’t fade and they are also durable, personally, what more could you want?


The titanium glasses are the rounded glasses, these glasses are made with an ion-plating technique which produces strength, colour richness and a flawless finish. These glasses also come with Akulon-coated screws for durability, which again, I feel like is a must when it comes to glasses, whether be sunglasses or regular glasses. They also have an adjustable nose pad which alleviates pressure from the nose and also offers an anti-slip fit because no one wants to constantly have to push their glasses back onto their face.


These Mixed Materials glasses are the best of both worlds, they combine the features of the Cellulose Acetate glasses and the Titanium glasses. In these glasses the cellulose acetate is paired with lightweight, durable stainless steel or titanium accents. Again, making the glasses durable which is always good. They also have Akulon-coated screws for durability and also have the signature Warby Parker emblem along the inner temple tip. Personally, if I was going for a pair of glasses, I would probably pick these as they combine both features of the glasses into a pair of sturdy and durable glasses.



That’s it for this blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading and have discovered a new place to get glasses from that are cool and quirky! If I lived in the US (which is the country where you can get them) I would definitely want to go and check out their sunglasses range because they seem awesome.

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