Why I Song Write & How I Write My Songs + Why I Don’t Show Them To People

Hello everyone, slightly different blog post today, today I am going to be talking about my song writing which has been something I don’t ever really talk about with anyone, mainly because I feel like it is such a personal thing to do. So in this blog post I am going to explain my reasons behind song writing, how I write my songs and also the reason why I don’t show them to people.

Image result for song writer quotesSo first of all, why do I write songs? My main reason, because I want to. This is one of the main reasons why, I have heard millions of times before especially from my family that “it’s a waste of time.” But no, for me, song writing is so much more than that, it’s a way to express myself. It’s like writing a diary, but shorter and you fit everything you want to say in a 3-4 minute song, therefore you get in the most important pieces of information. Another reason is that its therapeutic. I find it relaxing to just write song lyrics, especially hand writing them.

But how do I write my songs, this is something which I’ve been asked before by friends and family, and the answer is simple really, practice! Now in no way am I saying that my songs are really, really good compared to people like Taylor Swift and Ed Sherran, but some of the songs I’ve written are okay.

I was not born knowing how to write lyrics, no one is, it depends if you can be bothered to Image result for song writer quotespractice and master the skill. I’ve been randomly making up songs since I was about six years old, however, it wasn’t until I was about twelve that I started keeping my songs, I used to have notebooks full of songs but I no longer have them. So I have been writing songs for over ten years and I can confidently say that I am proud of my songs and lyrics that I am currently producing.
The way I do write my songs though is by finding beats on YouTube, I find a beat I like and then most beats have a title or a picture for the thumbnail and if possible I start to go from what the title or picture is and work from there, or I’ll have something I already want to write about, another way is to write the lyrics first, which is okay, until you need to find music that fits the song.

Image result for song writer quotesI also listen to a variety of different music, listen to why I like it and the lyrics the artist uses, I now often do this subconsciously and whilst I’m listening I will take every word into consideration and the structure of the song, I don’t just enjoy the song I analyse it. I used to spend ages listening to songs thinking ‘why do I like this?’ and ‘why do these lyrics go nicely together’ but now it’s just second nature, I will put on any song and automatically start questioning what I like about it. What I’m trying to get at is that I also analyse the songs in my head when listening to them.

Now you are all probably thinking “Alisha, if you think your songs are amazing why don’t Image result for song writer quotesyou show anyone?” The simple answer, they are personal songs, its like if I wrote a diary I wouldn’t go and show everyone my most personal secrets and thoughts. I am also scared of what people will think of me when they read them. I also don’t often write about people, and I have quite a lot of songs which sound as if they are about people, when in actual fact they are about nobody at all. However, some people have seen these songs but it takes a lot for me to open up to people and show them. For example, there is only one person who I have actually let have free roam of all the songs I’ve written and go through them, I normally pick out a song I like and that I hope I won’t be questioned about and show that to people, it normally has to be my choice of song that someone reads.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to leave any questions if you did not understand anything in this post. Give this blog post a like if you enjoyed reading and please be sure to follow so you never miss a blog post and we are currently trying to get to 100 followers!
Lots of love; Alisha xxx


10 thoughts on “Why I Song Write & How I Write My Songs + Why I Don’t Show Them To People

  1. Hello Alisha, I think your blog has a lot to talk about and its very passionate and you have a very enthusiastic tone, I loved reading about all of your topics!


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