Brighton Colour Run 2016!

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Hello everyone! how are you all? Sorry I have been away for so long (I am also sorry that this blog is way overdue, seeing as this happened nearly a month ago, but I’ve finally found some time to write about this.)

before-raceOn the 17th September 2016 me and my friend Furn (Raichi) decided to go down to Brighton for the day to take part in a 5K colour run (that is just over 3 miles.) We invited two of our other friends a long as well; Amy & Andie. So us four, my , brother, mum, dad and grandparents all went down to Brighton to support me and Furn.
About a week before the event me and Furn both got our run packages through the post, in this we got a Colour Run T-shirt, 3 tattoos, a wristband, a headband and our runner number.

On the morning of the race I woke up at 5am to get myself ready for the colour run seeing as we were leaving at 7 to get there on time. When we arrived we all walked down to Madeira Drive where Furn and I both walked off to go and get ready for the race. When we arrived there was a massive stage which was doing warm up exercises and also lots of places to take photos, which was all for free! So we made sure we got all the photos that they were doing (However, I never received one photo which I was meant to through my E-mail) We also found a 360′ photo booth that was also giving out granola so we both had some granola to give us energy before the race.


Slowly we started being told to get ready, so we started walking up the designated walkway where everyone had to wait, we were all sent in waves of about 500-800 people at a time. When we got nearer the front there was someone standing on a really high podium (don’t worry it had edges and was secure) and he was getting us all excited for the race and throwing free merchandise into the crowd of runners.

picture1Finally it was our time to run and at first we were attacked by a lot of bubbles as they had set up bubble machines which was pretty awesome. At the first colour station we both ran through it, however, we soon realized this was a mistake as the people throwing the colour completely misses you, so every other time we walked through the colours to make sure we were as covered as possible.

At the end of the designated area to run when we had to turn back and go back on ourselves there was people playing drums which was awesome as the music that they were playing, the speakers were not down the end of the course so they had people playing there own music. At the end of the race I was pretty sure I could not run any more, not just because I was exhausted but because I also managed to sprain my ankle and it was killing me, however, Furn and I had made a promise to each other that we would not leave each other behind and we would cross the furn-ifinish line together! And that’s exactly what we did! At the last final 100m Furn grabbed my hand and we both ran and crossed that finish line together! At the end of the race we were given a bottle of water and a packet of powdered paint for the party.

Before we went and joined in with the party though we went and got a 360′ photo taken of us, we waited half an hour in a queue for this, but it was worth it! We also both felt that we did not look colorful enough and we were not too impressed that our T-shirts were not covered, and this had to change, and after the 360′ photo, we looked a mess!

After that we went and joined in the party and it was amazing! The dance party at the end was honestly one of the most best experiences of my life, it was so cool! Especially when the cannons filled with paint went off and we were all told to use our colour packets that we had been given and through them in the air as well!

danceWhen the whole event had come to an end we all walked back to the car, and we drove home, clearly Furn and I were both really exhausted and tired because we both fell asleep in the back of the car and I awoke with her head on my shoulder and my head leaning on her head. Amy found this highly amusing watching us sleep.

So that was my Brighton Colour Run 2016! I also done a vlog of this so you can see visually what happened and what it was like! I would definitely recommend this to anyone, you don’t even need to be an athlete or like running to take part! (I mean it’s probably better if you also like running) but even just the whole experience is amazing! Also, a quick tip to anyone who does the Colour Run, if you have mesh trainers / white trainers and do this, be prepared to ruin your trainers, it does say wear clothes you don’t mind getting ruined but washing them will get the colour off, you can’t wash mesh trainers so my trainers are now ruined, but you can’t really tell because they were pink and white but I am still slightly annoyed.


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