TV shows you need to watch!

Hello everyone, so slightly different blog post today, today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite TV shows that you NEED to be watching!

This first TV show is one of my favourites and if you have been following my blog for a while then you will know that I am obsessed with ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ The show revolves around 4 friends who all unite back together after the queen bee of the school and leader of the group goes missing. After she goes missing the girls begin getting anonymous text messages revealing their secrets and knowing stuff about them that they believed only the leader of their group knew. The show then goes on to the girls finding out what happened to their friend and tracking down who is trying to hurt them, their friends and family.


This next show is one that I watched in about a week and it is ‘The Returned.’ The Returned is about people who come back from the dead after years of being dead and they don’t remember it and no one in the town can work out why and people who are related to the people who have died and have come back also get affected physically as well. However, there is only one season and its been left on a cliff hanger, so I’m just like crying over here.


The next show is one that I seem to binge watch and then not watch for a few months and this is ‘American Horror Story.’ ‘American Horror Story’ is split into different shows every season. For example season one is based in a house called the ‘Murder House’ and a new family moves in there and they see ghosts and crazy things happen. In season two it is about a mental asylum and you see how people are treated and, so far I think season two is more disturbing. I would not recommend watching this if you are not really into horror or disturbing TV shows. When I say horror, there is not a lot of blood, which is why I can stand to watch it.


This last TV show is one that my friend actually recommend to me and it is called ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ I am only on episode two but so far it is so gripping and interesting. The show is about students who attend a law school and the show follows four students who have all been picked to work together and have to solve murder cases and find information about the victim and the person on trial. However, as the episode goes on you sometimes see cut scenes of the end of season one and you see that they have killed someone but you don’t know why, or what actually happened and every episode it counts down. e.g 3 months earlier, 2 months earlier etc… before you get to the season finale.


That’s it for this blog post, please let me know if you have seen any of these shows and what you think of them, but please, no spoilers! Please give this blog post a like if you liked blog posts like this and if you want to read more weekly content then click that follow button! Love; Alisha xxx


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