Bomb Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone, so I recently got back from my holiday in Paignton. (Click here to watch my holiday vlogs!) And whilst on holiday I went into a bomb cosmetic store and bought some bath bombs, so today I am going to share with you what I have bought.

IMG_3469So this first bath bomb is a pink one with a rose in the top of it and this is called ‘Pink Lady.’ This bath bomb smells amazing! It smells very floral, which personally is very nice for this time of year and also the spring, but lets be honest I will probably have used this by spring next year! It also has a very feminine scent to it, sort of like a very nice perfume. I can’t wait to see what happens when I put this in the bath.

IMG_3468 This next one is one that has glitter on it and says I ‘heart’ you on the top of it. This is called ‘Heart That Glitters.’ This bath bomb is one of my absolute favourites (because of the smell) it smells very fresh and cotton like, almost like fresh washing. Now I love the smell of fresh washing and cotton and any bath bomb that smells of fresh washing or cotton, you can be sure that I will most likely end up buying it!

IMG_3470This next bath bomb is again one of my favoruites, this is called ‘Lemon Da Vida Loca.’ Now just like the one above, I absolutely love lemon scented things so I just had to also buy this! The only way I can really describe the scent of this is by saying that it smells like the KFC lemon wipes that you get but a little bit more lemony scented. I am so excited to see what my bath will look like after I have used this!

IMG_3467This next one is called ‘Bunny Hop.’ And this was the first bath mallow that I picked up in the store, and I’m pretty sure it’s because it was cute! I don’t even think I smelt it before deciding that I needed it in my life. This smells like freshly baked cupcakes with a hint of sweetness in it. It smells absolutely delicious!

IMG_3466Next is this bath creamer called ‘Lime-on’ and I thought that this bath creamer was so unique and looked cool because it was different from the rest, so I picked it up. This bath creamer also smells very citrus like and sweet as well which I really liked. Another reason why I love Bomb Cosmetics bath creamers is the fact that they make your bath really soft and moisturising.

IMG_3464Then I got this gold star bath creamer which it called ‘Gold Linger’ and it has little gold stars on it and I actually used a bath mallow the other day that had gold stars in it and I had a few little gold stars floating around my bath which was really nice, so I can’t wait to see what happens when I put this in my bath. This bath bomb smells very autumnal and very warm with a little hint of sweet in there, which I feel is going to be perfect for the autumn/winter evenings.

IMG_3465Last of all I got this yellow bath creamer with specks of orange and red, and this bath creamer is called ‘Tangerine Queen’ and it smells like citrus fruits, more of orange than any other citrus fruit though, so if you like sweet, citrus scents, and you like bath bombs then this one smells pretty good!

Thanks for reading, leave down below any suggestions of bath bombs which are your favoruite! If you liked this blog post give it a like and if you want to read more content on a weekly basis then be sure to follow. I also done a video of this haul, which you can check out if you want and possibly subscribe? Love, Alisha xxx


2 thoughts on “Bomb Cosmetics Haul

  1. Hey Alisha,
    You blog has a lot of different things to look at, I enjoyed the bath bombs post as they were very pretty. I will defiantly be looking at them myself. I love the colour theme, very girly. Meets the target audience very well!!!
    Vicki x

    Liked by 1 person

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