Hello everyone, so back in July I was kindly asked by a gentleman called John whether I would like to join the #iblogbecause campaign. So after reading up on it and learning what the campaign actually was I decided to join the campaign.
The whole point of the #iblogbecause campaign is to spread positivity around the blogging community, which I honestly thought was such a good idea because there can be negativity in the blogging community as well.

So this is my #iblogbecause…

  1. It is relaxing and gives me something to do.
    One of the main reasons why I started blogging was honestly because I was bored one night, however, I had been thinking of starting a blogging for a while, and one night I just decided to do it. It is someplace I can go every week and write about things that I am loving, or reviews or just to talk about how I’m feeling and my opinions on something.
  2. I love the creative side of blogging.
    I have always been creative, so when I started my blog I didn’t just want my content to be good, I wanted the whole outer face as well to be good. (However, that didn’t really work because I don’t really understand all of the customization features…) I also love taking photos of products because you can honestly get some nice photos from them which are perfect to put on your Instagram. (Hint: XxFashionCookiexX)
  3. The blogging community is so welcoming.
    I’m not gonna lie, at first, I was like “Oh, I feel so alone is this blogging universe.” But you soon discover on Twitter that there are loads of bloggers EXACTLY like you! I thought that I wouldn’t be accepted into the blogging community but I very quickly felt welcomed!
  4. It allows me to practice skills. For example, writing to photography to my social media accounts. It has honestly helped me so much, and I am kind of grateful for my blog because I definitely say it helped me out in my English exam when it said ‘write a blog post about a crazy experience that happened to you’ (For example)

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you want to join in with the #iblogbecause campaign then be sure to write a blog post similar to this or a vlog explaining why you blog! Feel free to click follow for weekly content! Lots of love; Alisha xxx


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