July Favourites 2016

Hello everyone, so I haven’t done a favourites blog post in what seems like absolutely ages so I thought I would do one today to share with you my favourite products this month.

IMG_3188First of all it is the ‘Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly’ body scrub from her Tutti Frutti collection. I absolutely adore this product. It smells very fruity (shockingly) and very fresh which is really nice after you have got out the shower. In the scrub it has Acai and blueberry in it as well. The beads that are in it are also very moisturising and when you have gotten out of the shower you feel so smooth and clean. It truly is a magical product. This costs £7.

IMG_3194Continuing on from beauty, the next beauty product is the E45 moisturising hand cream. I love the E45 range because it is so nice and gentle on your skin. Especially if you have really sensitive skin or eczema (which I have.) The hand cream does not smell of anything so if you hate having your hands smell after using hand products then this is definitely what you need! It also doesn’t make your hands greasy which is always a bonus and you don’t have to wait for it to dry so you can get straight back to what you were doing! This costs £3.60.

IMG_3196Now onto makeup. The first product is this MUA Highlighter which almost every day I have done my makeup I always reach for this highlighter. It is so easy to apply and its not super sparkly, which unless I’m doing something fancy or feel like it is appropriate to need a really sparkly highlighter this is the one I reach for. It is quite subtle but noticeable, which is nice. It just gives a nice pink shimmer and I definitely feel that this will be the highlighter I keep reaching for all throughout the summer! This costs £3.

Displaying IMG_3198.JPGIMG_3198Next is a blush. For the longest time ever I have always owned matte blushes and I really liked them, but one day I decided that I wanted to try a shimmer based blush. So I decided to buy the Makeup Revolution ‘All I Think About Is You’ baked blusher from Superdrug. The blush is a dark pink colour, it also isn’t packed full of shimmer, which I like because I would much rather my highlighter be the most shimmery thing on my face. The blush is also very smooth and moisturising. Even though the container is small you can get a lot out of it because you don’t need to put a lot on your brush because a little goes a long way. This costs £2.50.

IMG_3190Next is one that has become a holy grail item to me. It is the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer. This is such a nice colour which literally goes with anything and because it is a liquid lipstick it last such a long time! It also has a smell which isn’t disgusting but also isn’t the nicest smell, however this goes after you have applied the product which is good because who wants to walk around all day being able to smell the lipstick which they have applied. This costs £3.

IMG_3192This last product is another lipstick which I have been reaching for quite a lot this month is the ‘Freedom Makeup London Now 120’ in the colour ‘True Power.’ The colour is a very dark red colour which looks really nice and would look so nice in the autumn. However, you can obviously wear it in the summer as well. The formula is so moisturising and the lipstick does not feel heavy at all either. However, the lipstick does come off quite quickly especially if you are drinking from a glass. This costs £1.

Last of all it is a band which I subscribed to on YouTube when they had about 700,000 subscribers and it is ‘Against The Current.’ Their covers are amazing and I am so happy and glad that they have finally brought out an album! Their music is amazing and every song on the album I absolutely love! They are a pop rock band, so if you are looking for new music then definitely check this album out! I promise you wont be disappointed.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you like my favourites blog posts and want me to do more please give it a like so that I know, or just give it a like if you liked this blog post. Be sure to follow so you have new content every week to read at 5pm on a Monday! Also comment something which has been your monthly favourite, it would be interesting to know. Lots of love; Alisha xxx


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