How I Style: Grunge / Alternative

Hello everyone, today I am finally doing a fashion blog post!!! (I know my name doesn’t really go with my blog seeing as I do more makeup ones… but when I started I was going to do mainly fashion. Anyway…) Today I am going to show you how I put together some outfits if I want to dress a little bit more alternative and grunge, because believe me, somedays I’ll just want jeans and a normal t-shirt, other days I want to dress alternative.


This is one of my favourite outfits and it’s so easy to put together. You could do this with any band t-shirt and I think that this looks really nice having a band t-shirt tucked into a skirt. I then paired this with a pair of purple tights as I felt it was different and looked a bit cooler than just regular black tights. You could go more fancy with this and have patterned tights if you want to make your outfit more grunge-y looking. The boots I used are my of my most favourite shoes in the world. They are black lace wedge boots, unfortunately they don’t sell these anymore. But you could probably find similar ones somewhere online. On my wrist I have just got some woven wristbands, which I really like. You can often find them in little seaside shops so whenever I go on holiday I also grab at least one. The necklace I am wearing was given to me by my cousin, and I thought it went with the outfit. The necklace has little black plastic feeling type things with gold bits in the middle which adds contrast.


This next outfit is very different and depending on where you wear it, it looks quite nice. The hat is a large fedora which I got off of eBay, which I think goes well with this outfit and gives it a little more. The dress is a black skater dress which I got off Amazon. The only issue is the belt, I have to sticky back the belt to the back because it is too big. If you are skinny like me, I would not recommend this dress because you have to sticky back the belt, and it does come unstuck easily. The tights I have paired with this are a pair of plain black tights and the shoes again are my black lace wedge boots. The necklace is one that I wore a lot whilst taking outfit photos because it went with most of my outfits. I was also given this so do not know where it is from.


This next outfit is one that I really like (and my mum doesn’t) For this outfit I have a shirt dress which I usually wear upon with a top underneath. I then have an acid wash zodiac top, unfortunately it’s no longer being sold which is sad because the pattern is starting to come off. I then have a pair of black skinny jeans and then my black lace wedge boots. The necklace is also given to me by my cousin and is a cross necklace.


This next outfit is also a band t-shirt one again, and again it is ‘The 1975.’ I got this vest from Amazon which is no longer being sold on there. I then tucked it into my midi pencil skirt, which was from New Look but is no longer sold. I then paired it with my white converse to add a little bit of casual to the outfit, but you could easily dress this outfit up if you wanted. The necklace again is the one from my cousin.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you like it, if you did then give it a like and I might do more fashion blog posts. Also, I make weekly content so if you want to read my content every week then click that follow button. Lots of love; Alisha xxx


2 thoughts on “How I Style: Grunge / Alternative

  1. Omg I’ve only just realised this is the same Alisha as YouTube Alisha (I’m super slow okay but also super glad I’ve worked out this is your blog) your outfit posts are on point!! I’ve just started adding some more grunge into my wardrobe ready for autum so this is deffo inspiring me xx

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