Best £1 Lipsticks?!

Hello everyone, so when it comes to makeup I absolutely love finding good, affordable makeup, and yes, having some higher end products is also nice to splurge on (when you have the money) but for being a student, sometimes you have to buy the cheaper makeup, and sometimes cheap makeup can actually be extremely good, so today I am going to share with you my favourite £1 lipsticks!


These lipsticks are from Freedom Makeup London and are all £1 each. Freedom Makeup do these lipstick sets with five different lipsticks in, and when I order lots of stuff from their site I got a set of their ‘Favourites Lipstick Collection.’ In this set I got five different lipsticks from all different sets that they sell. The set was £5 but I got five lipsticks so £1 each, which is exactly what there separate lipsticks cost.


I absolutely love these lipsticks, they go on so nicely and they are also moisturizing. They are not heavy on your lips and they don’t come off onto your teeth, which is brilliant! The colours are also very vibrant and pigmented so you don’t need to apply a lot to notice the colour. The only issue with them is that they do fade very quickly if you drink out of a glass when you have just applied it. You are also often left with a line around the outside of your lips, however, this could be fixed with a lip liner.

So why have I called these the best £1 lipsticks ever? Because I have never used another £1 lipstick which feels really nice on my lips and actually stays. I also want to say that they are better than the Makeup Revolution lipsticks… (If you didn’t know Freedom Makeup is like the connecting brand to Makeup Revolution) So if you if you need a cheap lipstick which is high quality and really nice, then these are the lipsticks which you need!

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One thought on “Best £1 Lipsticks?!

  1. I bought some £1 lipsticks over the weekend. I don’t mind splashing out on my every day colour, but for colours I won’t wear regularly I go for the cheaper option. Although I don’t like BeautyUK ones because they have a strange smell 🙊


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