Freedom Pro Highlight Palette Review

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Hopefully now that my exams are over my blog posts will increase in quality as I know over these past couple of months they have been no so good, but I’m back now!

Today I am going to be reviewing the Freedom Pro Highlight Platte. Now if you didn’t know I am such a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and it just so happens that Freedom Makeup London is like the connecting brand, something like that. I’m not quite sure. I have always wanted to get a highlight palette from Makeup Revolution so when I ordered £50 worth of makeup off of Freedom Makeup London, I had high hopes for the products that I would receive.

IMG_1487One product that I received was one of the highlight palettes. I instantly fell in love! And this product is only £6! Inside the palette it has a huge mirror, which is very good, but I find that with all Makeup Revolution products as well, the mirrors inside the palettes were pristine and reflect very well. (If you own too many palettes you will understand what I mean by the mirrors)

Inside the palette you get six creme highlighters and two shimmer highlighters. I really love the colour choices as well that you get. I feel like this palette is excellent for summer but also winter. On the left hand side of the palette you get more cold highlighter shades such as white, a very nude light pink and a blue. These would be perfect in the winter for creating shimmery winter looks. On the right hand side you have colours which are more likely to be used in the summer. You have an orange highlighter with a hint of pink, A dark pink highlighter and a more natural pink colour. These are perfect for the summer to give your face some shimmer.


In the middle are the two most shimmery highlighters, which you can go too over board with, trust me, it is super pigmented you only need a little bit. In the middle you have a silvery blue coloured highlighter, which I don’t really use, but I will do in the winter. I use this if I feel as if my cheeks have so much colour on them already and it would be to over the top if I used another colour, so I use this because it leaves more of a shimmer on your face than a colour, then again, this is because I am so pale I literally match the colour of the highlighter. So maybe with a tan as well this would look nice. I also put this on my collar bones if I am wearing a top that exposes my collar bones just to give them definition. Then you have a shimmery rose pink highlighter, which looks as if it has specks of orange and possibly brown in. I love using this highlighter and it is my go to highlighter. This highlighter is absolutely perfect for adding colour to your cheeks and really stands out.

To apply this product I use an angled brush for the two middle highlighters and then my fingers for the creme. I just find it easier to do this and then draw with my finger the highlighter onto my cheeks and then blend it in. I just found that doing this you get more product. The product is also not chalky, the creme highlighter is very creme and moisturizing and the shimmer highlighters are also not chalky and are very soft.

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