Freedom VS Miss Sporty Eyeliner

IMG_1573Hello everyone, so over this past year liquid eyeliner has become something which I use on a regular basis. I normally use the ‘Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eyeliner’ but two weeks ago I ordered loads of makeup from ‘Freedom Makeup London’ and got an eyeliner in there. So today I thought that I would put both eyeliners to the test and see which one is better!

To begin the Freedom eyeliner cost Β£1.50 and honestly, I
think that for the price, this eyeliner is FANTASTIC! The brush is also smaller, so you have more precision over what you are doing and therefore can IMG_1500create neater lines. However, by doing this it takes longer to do your eyeliner, and I also found that it was slightly harder to create a thin line above my lashes. This eyeliner is also very black, which I really like. I also thought that the formula was not as wet as Miss Sporty. The Freedom eyeliner also does not smudge throughout the day, so you don’t end up with specks of black where there shouldn’t be. Another thing I found which is super good, but also slightly annoying at the end of the day is that this eyeliner is extremely water proof! Meaning, when I get out of the shower I still have visible lines where the flick had been.

IMG_1575The Miss Sporty eyeliner cost Β£2.79. For the price as well this eyeliner is fantastic and it does what you want it to do. The brush is longer and more flexible to you can easily shape your eyeliner to the shape of your eye. However, it is harder to do a flick, if you like a thin flick then this is perfect but if you like thicker flicks, the this is not the eyeliner, you can do thick flicks with it but it is harder. One thing I have found with this eyeliner is that is smudges and you can easily get black where you don’t want it. The formula is also more liquid like and it is not as black – however, you can make it darker by just layering the eyeliner.


Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope that you enjoyed, if you did, give it a like and follow for more weekly content. I would also like to quickly apologize for the awful content these past couple of weeks, I’ve has exams and have to really had time to write blog posts. I have my last exams tomorrow, then I have around 10 weeks off so the blog posts will get better in quality, just like they where before I had exams. Thank you for reading, lots of love; Alisha xxx



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