Freedom Makeup London Haul

Hello everyone, so some of you may have heard of this brand before, some of you may have not, it is a relatively new brand to the cosmetic scene and they are like the linking brand/company to Makeup Revolution London. So I went onto their website and saw that they where doing a deal for £50 worth of makeup for £25, however this is only a UK deal. So I immediately bought the makeup and waited ‘patiently’ for it to arrive.


So this first product is probably one of my favourite makeup products of all time! This is the ‘Pro Highlight Palette’ and oh my word, this is just beautiful! In this palette you get two shimmer highlights and six creme highlighters, my favoruite two is definitely the two shimmer ones. The texture of the creme and shimmer highlights are very soft and not chalky which, by looking at the shimmers especially look like they might be chalky, but they are not. I would 100% recommend this palette if you are looking for an affordable highlight palette, and this palette would be especially good for the summer because of the light colours in it.



This next product is also one of the products which I am really loving using at the minute and it is the ‘Matte Bare’ eyeshadow palette. I absolutely love this palette because there is no shimmers in it! Don’t get me wrong, I love shimmer eyeshadows but some days you just want a matte eye shadow and I feel like this is an essential palette especially for that reason, also, because of the wide range of colours you get which you could create so many different looks with. These eye shadows are also very soft as well, they almost feel like silk, not chalky and high pigmentation. This cost £4


This is another eye shadow palette, except this one has shimmers and mattes in. This is called ‘ Smoulder.’ This eye shadow palette contains a lot of great colours which could be used for all different types of occasions, although I feel like this palette is more of a evening palette and you could create so many different eye looks. Compared to the last eye shadow palette, this palette feels a little bit more chalky, especially the shimmers, all-in-all a great palette and again this was only £4


This is the last for the eye shadows, from the offer I got five mono eye shadows, which I have never really been a fan of just buying one eye shadow when you could get a palette with a range of colours, but this has opened up my eyes, I now want to go and buy more mono eye shadows because they are just so easy and perfect for travel (if you only want to take one eye shadow or only like one eye shadow?!)
From left to right – Gilded collection 220, Nude collection 208, Brights collection 222, Brights collection 227, Base collection 204.
All of these eye shadows are super pigmented, like ridiculously pigmented, but they are not chalky which makes me extremely happy. Each eye shadow is £1 each!


So I am always on the hunt for new mascaras and I very rarely buy the same one twice, unless it was extremely good, but mascaras for me are one of those things where I just want to try every single one from every single brand. I was so happy when I saw that I would receive a mascara in the lot that I bought, not only that, a curl mascara! I have never used a curl mascara before and when I tried this, I feel like it made such a difference on my lashes. I used my eyelash curler first before applying this and it just made my lashes even curlier and made them stay curled, which was absolutely brilliant! This costs £2.


Next is eyeliner. I use eyeliner on a daily basis above my lashes to create a cat eye (or as close as to a cat eye that I can get!) and for the longest time I have used ‘Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eyeliner.’ So when I saw this I could not wait to see if it was any better than my ‘Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eyeliner’ and so far, I’m impressed. Because the brush is smaller you have more precision so you can really perfect the eyeliner, I also feel like the brush is a little more sturdy so it does not bend a lot whilst you apply the eyeliner. This eyeliner is also waterproof, and I mean seriously water proof, after having a shower there is often a faint line from where I’ve done the cat flick. I definitely think that this has beat my ‘Miss Sporty’ eyeliner. This costs £1.50.


These are a set of five lipsticks which are sold on their website as the ‘Pro Lipstick Collection’ in this set you get five of the top lipsticks. If you have ever had any lipsticks from ‘Makeup Revolution’ they are basically the same.
From left to right – Bare collection ‘Untouched’, ‘Dusk Till Dawn’, Now collection ‘True Power’, Red collection ‘Expression’, Pink collection ‘Candy Sweet.’
The lipsticks are very easy to apply and are very moisturizing as well, however, ‘Untouched’ is quite hard to apply as it does not come off of the lipstick very well, but after a few applications the colour will start to show. Overall not bad lipsticks, £1 each.


These are the ‘Pro Butters Lip gloss’ I love these lip glosses because the colours are just beautiful and they are colours which could be worn on an everyday basis. The lip glosses easily go onto the lips and stay for quite a while before having to be re-applied.
From left to right – Cappuccino Lover, Jammy Dodger, Cats Whiskers.
The only issue I have with these is the smell, especially the smell of Cappuccino Lover, this smells like bananas, now I like bananas, but this just smells really bad. The other two have nice smells, especially Cats Whiskers. I don’t know whether they try to give each lip gloss it’s own smell or whether it just smells because of the formula and ingredients used to make the product. These cost £3


These are very similar to the lip glosses before but these are the ‘Pro Melts Lip gloss.’ Still not quite sure what is different about them though… Out of the lip glosses that I got I definitely think that these are my favoruite and these are the colours which I have been reaching for the most, the colours are so beautiful, especially for this time of year. The application is smooth and easy to apply.
From left to right – Applause, Kisses Waiting, Debut.
The smell from these lip glosses are a lot better, they smell fruity, like the pencils you used to be able to get where to sharpen it you had to remove the top of the pencil and put it in the bottom (I really hope you understand what I am talking about!) These are also £3.


Last of all, nail polishes. I love nail polishes but barely ever paint my nails, but I love it when I do. I love these nail polish colours. I have not tried them yet, but I will let you know what I think of them when I do! Each of this nail polishes cost £1 each.
From left to right – 414, 433, 443, 444, 450

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and found some stuff which interested you. Leave in the comments any makeup products that you suggest & if you want me to do a full review on any of the products which I have mentioned. If you enjoyed this blog post please give it a like, it helps me out a lot. And also follow so you never miss weekly content! I also done a video going through all the makeup which I have bought in the last couple of weeks which you can check out down below if you feel like it! Lots of love; Alisha xxx


5 thoughts on “Freedom Makeup London Haul

  1. The only product I have tried from Freedom is their contour kit and I love it! The nail polish looks great! Everything is so inexpensive, I think I need to try some new products, I am guessing this offer isnt on anymore though!xo

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