Top 5 Essential Beauty Products

Hello everyone, today I am going to be sharing with you the top 5 beauty products that every girl should have in their makeup bag / storage / collection. Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments below!

  1. The first thing is the ‘Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.’ I know that you have probably heard of this product a million times before, but there’s a reason why us beauty bloggers rave about this concealer so much, its so good. This concealer is good at hiding spots and dark circles under the eyes. It is also super affordable at £4.19. This is definitely the thing that you 100% need in your makeup collection!IMG_1429
  2. The next thing is the ‘Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Foundation.’ This foundation is really good if you like coverage but also something that is light. This foundation does not give heavy coverage but it gives enough if you just want to even everything out. This foundation is also super affordable at £8.99.IMG_1427
  3. The third thing is the ‘Makeup Revolution London What You Waiting For Palette.’ I really like this palette as it comes with a range of neutral colours which I really like because it makes the palette so versatile and you can create loads of different looks with this palette. This palette only cost £4 which is so good for this palette, so if you need a palette that is affordable and has lots of neutral colours then 100% get this palette.
    makeup revolution4.The next thing is the ‘L’Oreal Mega Volume Black Angel Miss Manga Mascara.’ I really love this mascara as is makes your eyelashes really long and voluminous and it is also super black, so if you like on your eyelashes then this mascara is definitely for you! This mascara costs £7.99. miss manga
  4. The final thing which I 100% think is an essential in every makeup collection is lip stick. This is why I definitely recommend the ‘Laura Geller Rouge Audrey’ lipstick. This lipstick is a very neutral lipstick and it goes with literally any outfit. It can also make an outfit look very sophisticated and classy. This lipstick is the most expensive thing in this list as it is more high end and costs £13.99 on eBay (I could not find this lipstick on her store) IMG_1431

So that is it for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you did then remember to click that like button and also follow for me weekly content. I would also like to thank every single one of you for following me and supporting me through out my blogging journey. I know I don’t say thank you very often so I am doing it now, thank you for all of your support and I love you. Lots of love; Alisha xxx


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