How to keep motivation to blog

Hello everyone, today I thought that I would do a slightly different blog post today and talk about motivation. This is mainly because by the time you are reading this I will be doing my exams, and as well as revising for those I also want to keep up to date with my blog and YouTube channel and I thought that this might help some of you who also blog and are lacking motivation.

Remember why you started. Why did you start blogging? Was it to express yourself, you have a passion in writing or a passion you want to share with the world, you want to help others, what was your reason. If you started blogging without having a passion and you wanted to try it but you did not really have any motivation in the first place, will you ever have motivation to continue writing your blog?

Having a time table is so useful because it lets you know what blog post is going up and on what day so you can schedule when you are going to write so that the post goes up on time. When I first began blogging I had a time table which I wrote everything in and it was super helpful because it also had stats and I could track my progress every month. By having a time table it also makes you less stressed because you have planned ahead.

One thing I like to do is look at my stats from the month before and see how many visitors and views I got that month. I then try and get even more visitors and views the next month. By having monthly goals it encourages you to try even harder next month. However, this does not always work and I might not get higher stats than the month before but it encourages you to work hard to get those stats.


This is a very important part of motivation and blogging. It is easy to see bloggers with 100+ followers or even 30+ and you may have not got that many followers yet and can feel put off by blogging thinking that “I will never be able to get that many followers” the truth is, it takes everyone different amounts of time to get followers. Plus, everyone’s content is different. One person could put out a blog post every three days where you could only post once a week, therefore the person who posts every three days is probably going to get more followers in a shorter space of time. You should also not compare your success to someone else’s because they have obviously worked hard to get those followers and if you work hard as well you could get the success that you want.

There is no point blogging about something that you don’t have passion about, if you don’t have passion about something it will show in your writing. By having passion your readers will be more interested in your content and are more likely to follow. There is no point me being a fashion/beauty blogger and blogging about gaming. Yes, I do like gaming (especially Pokémon) and would probably put it in a favourites but I would never write a full review on it because that is not the type of blogger that I am.

Trial and error. What do I mean by this? Basically, don’t be afraid to try different things. Yes, it might not do that well but on the other hand it could be your best blog post that you have ever written. If you keep writing the same blog posts over and over again, the chances are your followers and you will soon get bored of the same content and you will loose motivation and so will your readers because you are not giving them any new content. Granted, likes are a very good thing because it allows your readers to say that they liked the post and they will probably like more blog posts but if you are writing the same thing each week you will probably loose motivation.

So that is everything for this week. I really hoped that this blog post helped you fellow bloggers out there. If it did please give it a like. Also, these tips are not 100% going to make you want to keep blogging, there are just the tips which I use and thought that I would share with you. If you want to read more regular content from  then click that follow button. Lots of love; Alisha xxx



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