Tanya Burr Lip gloss Review

IMG_1360Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. Today I am going to be doing a review on the ‘Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip gloss.’ First of all the lip glosses that I own are sample size because I got them in the ‘Tanya Burr Advent Calendar’ In the calendar I got three beautiful lipglosses. I got ‘Candy Frost’ ‘Macaroon’ and ‘Bewitching.’ All of these colours are absolutely amazing and beautiful. All of these lip glosses retail for £5.99.

tanya burr

IMG_1363Candy Frost

This lip gloss is a beautiful shiny dark pink colour with little shiny specks inside it. The application of the lip gloss is very easy and easily glides onto your lips. The brush to put it on to your lips is a flat doe foot applicator which is strange at first if you have no other lip glosses with applicators like this but it is super easy to use. The texture of the lip gloss is quite sticky on your lips and is definitely noticeable that you are wearing it. The lip gloss also can make glasses sticky if you have a drink whilst wearing it. This lip gloss smells sweet but it is not too strong and is a pleasant smell. This lip gloss does not have much colour so it is perfect if you want a tiny bit of colour on your lips.




This lip gloss is a little pink/coral colour and it is beautiful. This is definitely my favourite lip gloss out of all three that I own. The lip gloss is also shiny but the shine is not as noticeable. The applicator is also a flat doe applicator which makes it super easy to apply. The lip gloss is not as sticky as it a lot more comfortable to wear because it doesn’t feel as heavy. This lip gloss also smells like sweets, although I’m guessing it’s meant to smell like macaroons but I don’t know what they smell like! This colour is more noticeable and just gives your lips a pop of colour and is the perfect spring / summer colour.


This is a very dark colour lip gloss and is a red wine type of colour with little bits of purple in it. The applicator is exactly the same as the last two lip glosses with a flat doe foot applicator, again making it super easy to apply. This lip gloss is quite sticky and is noticeable that you are wearing it because of this. This lip gloss also smells like sweets. This colour is probably one of the most noticeable out of all three because it is a darker colour. This colour would probably be better in autumn/winter because it is more of a berry colour than a summer colour.

Out of all three lip gloss the Macaroon is my favourite colour because of the lovely coral colour which I think really suits me and it is not ‘in-your-face’ colour and you can wear it in any situation because of how neutral it is. Overall ‘Candy Frost’ is the most stickiest lip gloss and Macaroon is the least stickiest.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. I would also like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has supported my blog over the year that I have had my blog for and who has clicked follow and liked my blog posts and comments. It means so much to me and I notice everyone who does like my blog posts and there are some people who I see who like my blog posts every week and that makes me genuinely happy. Thank you x. Lots of love; Alisha xxx



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