Laura Geller Roman Holiday Makeup Set Review

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well, today I am going to be doing a review on the IMG_1658Laura Geller Roman Holiday set. This set retails at £43.56 at QVC.

When you first get the set it comes in a grey box with a delicate printed pink ribbon at the top of the box. The colours and details around the outside also make the box look very sophisticated. Once you open the box in fancy typography it says the words ‘Roman Holiday’ I personally think that the name of this set says everything about the set as everything in this set would be perfect to take on holiday with you. IMG_1656

Inside the set you get a baked foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, brow pencil, lip gloss, lipstick and a lip pencil.

IMG_1266The baked foundation from Laura Geller is one of my favourite powder foundations that there is, however, I would only wear this foundation if you have very clear skin as it does not have much coverage, although it does stay on quite a while before you have to re-apply the foundation. This foundation also last forever so you don’t have to worry about buying new foundation every couple of months, obviously the depends on the amount you apply, how often you re-apply and how often you where foundation.


IMG_1261The eye shadow is probably one of my favourite things from laura geller eye shadowthis set. The eye shadow
comes in a little pink case with a magnetic lock so that is it easy to open and close. Inside you get three beautiful colours, a soft pink, a brown and a purple. When applying the eye shadow they feel very soft and are not chalky at all and go on very smoothly. Out of the eye shadow the pink ‘Baroque’ is the colour with the most shimmer, this colour would be perfect for lovely sunny days as it is neutral but when the sun catches the sunlight it would look beautiful. The other two colours I would personally wear in the evening and maybe create a smoky eye look.

laura geller mascara

The reason why I like this mascara so much is because the mascara lasts all day on IMG_0469your lashes so you don’t have to keep re-applying the mascara, unlike other brands. If you do re-apply the mascara the mascara that is already on there does not come off which in turn means that your lashes can become even longer and voluminous. This mascara also goes onto your eyes really easily.

laura geller eye liner

The eye liner that you get with this set is just a black pencil eye liner with a smudge brush on the back to smudge your eye liner, however, I never use this brush. This eye liner is a lot more comfortable to put on on than other pencil eye liners, the reason because of this is because the eye liner goes onto your eyes easily and smoothly. The eye liner is also very black, which I like!

laura geller eye browsThe eye brow gel pencil is a necessity for anyone! I especially like this product because it defines your eye brows and the colour matches my eye brows perfectly. The brush also comes with a spooly on the other end of the brush to brush your eye brows into the shape that they need to be and to neaten them up.

laura geller lip glossThis lip gloss I feel matches any skin tone, the lip gloss also IMG_1264tastes and smells like candy, I have to admit though that it does smell nicer than it tastes but apart from that it is still nice to wear. This lip gloss also goes on really smoothly and easily, this lip gloss is also very moisturising and not drying on the lips, the only problem I found is that is does not last very long.


laura geller lip and linerThe lip liner and lip stick are my most favourite IMG_1274things about the set as the colours just go with anything and can be worn in any season and at any time, the are so versatile. The lip liner and the lip stick do not taste of anything, which is good. When applying this I put lip liner on first and I also colour in my lips with the lip liner as it makes the lip stick last longer. Just like the lip gloss the lip stick is also very moisturising. The lip liner is a dark red pink colour and the lip stick is the same but with a hint of purple in there.

Overall I really love this set and all the products that are included are great products which you can create a full makeup look using. I have not found anything bad about the set and use most of these products daily because they are so good. So if you are going on holiday and need a nice holiday makeup set then I 100% recommend getting this set.

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