Makeup Revolution ‘What You Waiting For?’ Eyeshadow Review

revolution editHello everyone, today I am going to be reviewing my most used eye shadow pallete at the minute which is the Makeup Revolution ‘What You Waiting For?’ pallete. This pallete costs £4 from Superdrug.
First off, the packaging, when I got the pallete it came in a lovely box with ‘What You Waiting For?’ written over it a few times in a gold and white. Inside the box the pallete is very simple, but sleek. The text is also embosed into the pallete which makes it cool as it has a feeling to it. You can also see clearly what brand the eyeshadow pallete came from. On the back of the packaging it tells you the name so that when organising your makeup collection or seeing what ones you have you can clearly tell.

Inside you have 18 beautiful nude tones, 12 shimmers and 6 mattes. The eye shaodows are very soft and moisturising.
Shimmer edit

The shimmers here don’t show up very shimmery on camera, but honestly they are. The lightest colour ‘We Love You’ is very light and would be used in the inner corner of your eye, so when this is on the eye it definetly brightens the area of your eye. On the top row of the pallete the colours are more dark and would be colours mostly used in the winter, whereas the second row of the pallete are more neutral so are more likely to be used in the spring and summer.

matte edit
Honestly, the matte colours in this pallete I don’t think are as strong and are not as bright. ‘Your Capable’ and ‘Super Hot Female’ are probably the two colours which are not as strong and do not show up very well. However, when blending and adding them to other colours you could make up so awesome eye shadow combinations.

All eyeshadows in this pallete are very moisturising and very pretty and are not chalky at all. However, with the darker shimmery colours you do get some fall out around your eyes which can easily be gone with your finger and just rubbing it away.
Overall, do I think this pallete is worth the money? 100%. I honestly think that is one of the cheapest (but high quality) pallete which contains both shimmers and mattes.

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