Revolution VS Sleek Eyeshadow


Hello everyone, hope you have had a good week. Today I am going to be putting the ‘What You Waiting For?’ Revolution eye-shadow pallet and Sleek ‘Oh So Special’ pallet against each other to see which one is better and why. To begin with you can pick up both of these products in Superdrug (if any of you were wondering, also depends whether your shop stocks them) The revolution pallet’s are usually £7 but they were on sale when I got mine for £4 so if you still want one make sure you go and see whether they are still on sale. The sleek pallet’s cost £9, so they are more high end.

IMG_1052First off, the style of the packaging. This is something that really stands out to me. Packaging. If the packaging is nice and the product is aesthetically pleasing I am more likely to pick up the product. I love both the packagings of these products. The Revolution pallet is heavier and has embossed gold writing in the front clearly telling you the brand and what it is. The packaging is also more bulky. The sleek pallet is a lot smaller and thinner as is more lightweight so is definitely more transportable to just put in a small makeup bag. The front is a matte black with ‘Sleek’ written on the front in a sort of fancy font that is also black but when hits the light you can see the name.

IMG_1639The Revolution pallet has a bigger mirror which is perfect because you can clearly see what you are doing and the lid of the product stands up on its own and is not as flimsy as the Sleek pallet. You also get more colours but I feel like you get less of a range of colours as the colours in the Revolution pallet are very similar, they are mostly nudes. Also if you are not a huge fan of shimmers then this pallet is not really for you as you only get six mattes and twelve shimmers. The pigmentation in the eye shadow is also really strong and last all day even without primer. Even though the colours are very similar you can still get a lot of styles and different looks out of the pallet.

The sleek pallet on the other hand has a smaller mirror but I prefer the mirror in the SleekIMG_1050 pallet as I feel like the mirror is clearer and just nicer overall. However, the lid does fall back on its own which is annoying if you are trying to do your makeup on the go as you have to hold up the mirror as well as the pallet and put eye shadow on. I do feel though that the Sleek pallet has a more variety of colours for all different types of people and because of this it means that it is more versatile. You also get a nice mix of shimmers and mattes. I also like the pop of colour that you get from the pallet.

Overall both of these products are absolutely amazing and I would 100% recommend them to anyone. I would recommend the Revolution pallet towards people who like shimmers and very nude pallets because this would definitely fulfil the beauty needs of someone who loves nude eye shadows.
I would recommend the Sleek pallet to people who still love nude pallets but also doesn’t mind a pop of colour sometime.

Thank you for reading this blog post, if you enjoyed give it a like and if you own these eye shadow pallets feel free to let me know your thoughts of the pallets. Also, click follow so that you can read weekly blog posts from me. 🙂 Lots of love; Alisha xxx


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