What’s On My iPad?



Hello everyone, today I am going to be doing a very popular tag which has been flying around YouTube for ages and that is the ‘What’s On My iPhone?’ Tag. However, I have so little storage on my iPhone so I am going to be doing a ‘What’s On My iPad?’ instead. Thank you to @charlieannexo (https://basicallycharls.wordpress.com/) for giving me the idea to do this blog post!

IMG_1012So on the first page of my iPad I have all those annoying little apps which I honestly think that no one really uses and you can’t delete them either! So for some reason instead of most people putting them in a little folder and putting the folder on a page that they don’t use, I just leave them there!

On the bottom of the screen I have my main apps, for example; Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Google (not quite sure why I downloaded this….) Safari and WordPress. I put these apps at the bottom so that I can access them quickly and easily. Also, if you are looking for new music to listen to go follow me on Spotify as I am always adding new music and finding new music! (fashioncookie)

IMG_1013On to page two of my iPad I have more of the essential apps which I use more regularly. In my social folder I have Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Gmail Inbox, Pinterest and Instagram.

For some reason I have loads of games on my iPad which I barely even play! I have 2048, Temple Run 2, 1010, The 7SC (The Seven Second Challenge), SongPop, Smule Sing! World Chef, Kendall & Kylie, 94%, 1 VS 100, ZooKeeper, QuizUp, DragonCity and IconPopQuiz. The games that I use the most are 1010, Smule Sing and Kendall & Kylie. Maybe I should delete some apps…?


I then have a huge folder as well called ‘Education’ however, it is apps teaching me Japanese. In this folder I have loads of dictionary type apps and flash cards which are really good. My favourite apps for learning Japanese are; Japanese, Memrise and Kanamoji. Along with all of these apps I have one maths app called ‘Math Exam Revision Kit’ which I have never used and you need an account to sign up but you can’t make one on the app. Maybe you have to do it online?


IMG_1020I then have a folder called ‘Entertainment’ which has 4 apps. IIMG_1021 have Theory UK which I really like and it is also useful because I will be learning to drive at the end of this year! Crunchyroll, which I am obsessed with! Crunchyroll is a anime/Japanese drama app and it has over 15,000 episodes on their and loads of shows. I definitely prefer the Japanese Drama over anime. If you are looking for shows to watch on Crunchyroll I 100% recommend Death Note, Future Diary, Doctors Affairs, Sword Art Online and Kuroko’s Basketball. I then have Amazon Music (never used!) and Amazon.

IMG_1024This next folder contains apps which probably every YouTuber has on their iPad or iPhone and this is ‘YouTube Studio’ which tells me my stats, views, comments etc… The other app is not an app at all it is a saved web page called livecounts.x10host.com and it is a website that YouTuber’s can use to see their subscribers in real time because it takes a while for the subscribers to change on YouTube.


In my last two folders I have three apps each. One folder is called ‘Shopping’ which contains Wish, ASOS and Cute. The other folder is called ‘Health’ and contains MyFitnessPal, MyPlate and Seconds.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this blog post then please give it a like and more for weekly content make sure to follow πŸ™‚ Also, let me know if there are any apps that you recommend which I haven’t already got. Lots of love; Alisha xxx


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