Top 5 Favouirte Lip glosses



Hello everyone, when it comes to doing my makeup one of my favourite parts is applying lip gloss. I think it just pulls together an outfit and the rest of your makeup and lip gloss is so versatile and can change your whole look instantly. So today I am going to be sharing with you my top 5 go-to lip glosses. red

The first lip gloss is the ‘MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer’ in the colour ‘Reckless.’ This lip gloss feels more like a lip stick than a lip gloss and it is really noticeable that you are wearing something on your lips. The reason why this is one of my favourite is because it goes on a lot nicer than red lipstick and it’s not as messy especially when you have a drink, it is also waterproof so it would take a lot for it to come off. Out of all the lip glosses this was the hardest to get off of my hand!

pinkΒ The next lip gloss is the Β ‘Laura Geller Colour Drenched Lip Gloss’ in the colour ‘ Piazza Pink.’ This is a really nice lip gloss that is applied really nicely and it is also moisturising. It smells kind of like candy and also tastes like it. I am going to say that it does smell nicer than it tastes but apart from that it is really nice. However, it does not last very long. The colour is a coral pink colour and its a really neutral pretty colour.

peachThe third lip gloss I have loved for ages, it’s the ‘Tanya Burr Lip Gloss’ in the colour ‘Macaroon.’ This is probably the best tasting and smelling lip gloss that I have ever come across. It tastes and smells like candy. The colour is a very light coral colour, however, the lip gloss is very sticky and tacky but after a while you don’t notice it.


light pinkThe next lip gloss is the ‘MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet Lip Gloss’ in the colour ‘Hedonic.’ This is a very light pink colour which it a really neutral and pretty. The lip gloss has a sweet scent to it. The only fault I have with this lip gloss is that it doesn’t apply very nicely and the lip gloss kind of just sticks to the applicator. Unlike the other lip glosses, it does not become sticky or tacky and dries within a few seconds.

purpleThe last lip gloss is a lovely purple lip gloss which is quite dark and is not for everyone. This is the ‘Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer’ in the colour ‘Velvet Rebel.’ The lip gloss is more like a lip stick as well and does stay on for quite a while, however it is not water proof. When this lip gloss starts to come off it does leave a line around the outside of your lips. Apart from this it is a really nice colour and in the winter it is a really nice colour to wear.

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