How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how I wash my makeup brushes. Washing your makeup brushes is one of those boring tasks which has to be done because if you don’t wash them the bacteria builds up and especially if you use liquid foundation it can make your makeup brushes go really hard and it is basically impossible to use them!


So the first thing that I do is I take the shampoo from our bathroom downstairs. It does not matter what type of shampoo it is. The shampoo here that I used to wash my makeup brushes is the ‘Garnier Ultimate Blends, The Strength Restorer, Honey Treasures’ Shampoo.

I then take two plastic bowls from the cupboard and fill them both with Luke warm water. In one bowl I put the shampoo and leave the other one with just water in.

To begin washing my makeup brushes I rinse them in theIMG_0953 shampoo water first trying to get all the makeup out and to basically cleanse the brushes, when I think that most of the makeup is off of the brush I clean them in the plain water to get the shampoo off and to get an excess makeup off of the brush. I then continue to this to every other brush.

When all of the brushes are done I place them on a piece of kitchen roll to dry and so I can tidy everything away without getting water over the table. when the brushes are damp I place them on my desk with the tops of the brushes hanging off of the side to let both side of the brush air dry. This does normally take all day to dry so I don’t recommend washing your brushes if you are going to want to use them later on.


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