* Jamie Pine & Mike Jerry Merch Review!

Hello everyone, so I am super excited to write this review because I am a huge fan of these YouTubers Mike Jerry and Jamie Pine and I wanted to share with you a review of some of their merchandise which was kindly sent to me after an issue with the order processing and as a token of apology I was sent some lovely merchandise, * I am not being sent this to review. Honestly this has made my year! Links to both of their sites are down below if you are interested in checking out their merchandise.

First of all I ordered this eyebrow poster for my friend as a Christmas present which unfortunately did not arrive in time 😦 The poster is an A3 size and printed on shiny, high quality paper. The printing is really clear as well and I am in love with it. I also love the sleek design and how nicely presented this poster is.  However, as it is signed I am going to order my bestie another one because this one is to precious to give away. I also got sent a second poster which is also printed on high quality paper as well and is a A2 size. I can’t wait to put both of these posters on my wall! One thing that I am always worried about when ordering posters is how it will be packaged and I can honestly say that these were packaged lovely and where packaged in a cylinder tube and the posters don’t look at all creased which is always a good sign. The eyebrow poster cost £4.99 (not including postage) and the ‘Jamie and Mike’ Poster costs £3.99 (not including postage)

I was also sent these lovely wrist bands as well! If I could I would honestly wear these to school and probably never end up taking these off. I definitely think that this shows your love and obsession for Jamie & Mike. The wristbands are made from a silicone material and the colours are really vibrant and strong and they aren’t like those cheap wristbands you get where you run your fingers over the writing and it smudges, the colour stays where it is meant to be, even the white, the colour is just awesome. The wristbands are also made out of thick rubber which increases the quality of them. I also love how the writing is engraved into the wristband and the wristband is stretchy. On the left is the ‘I Love Jamie Pine Wristband’ with ‘It’s Jamie’ written on the front. On the right is the ‘Let Me Not Be Blurred Wristband’ with Jamie & Mike written on the front. The bigger wristbands cost £3.99 (not including postage) and the smaller wrist bands cost £3.50 (not including postage)

Thank you for reading this blog post. Be sure to check out their merchandise because it is AWESOME! Also, let me know down below if you have any of their merchandise, please also click the like button and be sure to follow so that you never miss a blog post! Lots of love; logo 1


DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THEIR SITES!                                               https://jamiepine.com/store/                                                    http://www.xitsmike.com/product/types-of-eyebrows-poster-by-mike-jerry/

PRODUCTS FEATURED IN THIS POST                                                                          http://www.xitsmike.com/product/types-of-eyebrows-poster-by-mike-jerry/ https://jamiepine.com/store/jamie-mike-official-wall-poster-signed/                https://jamiepine.com/store/its-jamie-wristband/                                             https://jamiepine.com/store/jamie-mike-wristband/





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