2015 Favourites!

Hello everyone, so as it is the end of 2015 I thought it was just right to do a blog post sharing all of my favourite discoveries with you!

IMG_1336The first favourite is a recent discovery and it is called ‘MapMyRun’ this is an app which tracks your running. It counts time that you were out running, calories and distance, this app also allows you to add your friends which you can see what exercise they have done and how far and the calories that they burnt. You can also do challenges with them which I am really loving because it really keeps you motivated. You can also log food as well. The app also gives you goals to help you getIMG_1334 towards your fitness goal. You can also listen to music on your phone whilst the app is on and you and your friends can see the songs that you were listening to whilst you were running. You can also log other exercises such as sit-ups, cross country, walking, cycling and loads more! You also don’t need any internet connection to use the app. So if one of your new years resolutions is to become fitter, download this app and get a relative or friend to download it as well so that you have more motivation to continue with your running!

melanie-martinez-cry-baby-album-coverThe next favourite is to do with music. I have recently been loving Melanie Martinez. I think her music is so different and her voice as well. My favourite songs by her are ‘Mrs Potato Head’, ‘Training Wheels’, ‘Soap’ and ‘Milk and Cookies’. So if you are looking for a new artist or new music then definitely check out Melanie Martinez!


primarkThe next thing that I have been loving is Primark sports wear. So I had never actually been inside a Primark until October and I absolutely loved it and then went and bought more things from there with my birthday money in December. I picked up some sports wear and I don’t know if because I have new sports clothes I want to exercise more or if it is because of ‘MapMyRun’. However, the clothes are absolutely amazing! Their sports jumpers are so soft it keeps you warm but at the same time doesn’t make you too hot. Their tops are also amazing because they are comfortable and loose so you don’t feel restricted when running. I also picked up a pair of grey tracksuits. They are so comfortable and are elasticated around the ankles and waist so they are not all baggy. I also got a sports bra and it is the most comfortable bra ever!!!! I could literally live in it. It is so soft!!!! So if you were like me and never went to Primark I would highly recommend going into a Primark and buying something because everything is so affordable, especially the sports wear. I would happily spend £5 on a top that I can run in and it doesn’t matter if it gets dirty because its only for sports.

sleekThe next thing that I have been loving is the ‘Sleek’ Eyeshadow pallet. This pallet comes with the most beautiful shades and comes with shimmers and mattes. I really love this eyeshadow pallet because the pigmentation is really good and the colours are suitable for day time and night time! My favourite colours from this pallet are ‘Gateau’ ‘Wrapped Up’ and ‘Glitz’

Next on my list is the ‘Beats Pill+’ Bluetooth speakers.beats These honestly have the best sound in the world! The bass is amazing on them and you get a really crisp sound come out of them. It is also really good because you can be in one room and change your music because the connection is about 30 feet (I believe) which is awesome! The battery life is amazing as well!

IMG_1676Next  on my list of my 2015 favourites is the ‘Body Shimmer’ from ‘Bomb Cosmetics’ I don’t know what one mine is because it just says ‘Body Shimmer’ but oh my goodness, it smells like lemons! It makes your skin feel super soft and you smell amazing after using it and it also leaves little purple sparkles on your skin.


Lastly on my list of 2015 favourites is an app and website called Memrise! This app is awesome if you want to learn a new language or if you want to just learn general basic stuff. The app works in a flash card kind of way which is really good! I used this app/website a lot in 2015 to help me learn Japanese. It definitely does work and you can set a reminder on your phone which will go off everyday at that time telling you to Memrise. Another feature which I like about the website is that you can add friends and see how well they are doing and see who has the most points out of all your friends. The website and app is also really easy to use and the best part about the app is that you can download courses to use them offline so you can use it without Wi-Fi and you don’t need to worry about using up all your mobile data! If you have this app or get this app feel free to add me 🙂 AlishaLulu

Thank you for reading, what was something that you really liked in 2015? Be sure to leave it in the comment section below! If you enjoyed reading this blog post be sure to give it a like and be sure to follow for more weekly blog posts! Lots of love; logo 1


One thought on “2015 Favourites!

  1. I’m totally with you on the Primark sports wear! H&M and New Look are also very good for fashionable and affordable sports wear. Bomb cosmetics have been one of my fav brands for ages, love their bath bombs and their funky soaps. x

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