*Tokyo Treat Review (December Box!)

IMG_1571Hello everyone, today I have another Tokyo Treat Review for you because the lovely people over at Tokyo Treat got in contact with me and asked me to do another collaboration. https://tokyotreat.com/



Every month we’ll send you a mystery box stuffed to the brim with over twoIMG_1581 pounds of premium, full-sized candies straight from Japan. Treats in the box will include savory snacks and the ultra-HOT Japanese candy DIY kits, which let you build your own sweet confection-creations!


For a small box it costs $14.99, For a medium box it costs $24.99 and for premium it costs $34.99

I filled out a form near the beginning of December and this box showed up at my house on the 24th of December which was a lovely Christmas present from them! My first impression of the box was that the brand name and logo is clearly displayed and the box is very simple making it aesthetically pleasing to look at.

When I opened the box I could see a lot of colourful and Christmas themed products. My favourite products from the December box are Meiji Banana Chocolate, Lotte Star Wars Bikkuriman E123 (which is a wafer) and Glico Light Potatoes (which are like bread sticks) However, the things that I was not a fan of was the Fun Christmas Caramel Powder Snow and Meiji Cream and Caramel. This is mainly because I do not like caramel.

The packaging of the items is also super cute! All the products had fancy patterns and images over them which made them even more appealing. Even though some of the sweets I may not have liked the packaging definitely made up for it!


This is one of the DIY kits that was sent in my box. This is called a Majomajo Neru Neru. This allowed you to mix the different coloured powders with water and it was meant to look like a witches cauldron. However, I did do this wrong. I used all the white powder in one and did not use it to make different flavours and I put the stars in the mixture as well. Apart from the tiny mistake it tasted really good. It kind of tasted sour. IMG_1550

IMG_1554This next DIY kit is called Riddle Puchitto and this allows you to mix different flavours of both sweet and soft candies together and make it into an awesome fun edible artwork. Honestly, this is a kind of a strange concept, but clever. The sweets are very sticky and it is hard to tear the apple and the stars apart and mix them. Apart from that, they taste okay and it is one of these things which you could spend ages making different combinations and seeing how they all work together.

Chirin Colour Pen Chocolate
Meiji Banana Chocolate
Meiji Cotton Soda Gum
Glico Light Potatoes
Fun Christmas Caramel Powder Snow
Lotte Star Wars Bikkuriman E123
Meiji GOCHI Gumi Cola









CORIS Sharitto Puru Gums
Calbee Hard Fried Potato Ride
Snowman Ramune “Special”
Matcha Collon
Meiji Cream and Caramel

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this blog post please leave it a like and if you are subscribed to Tokyo Treat and you have received the Decemeber box let me know down below which was your favourite candy! Also, don’t forget to follow so you never miss a weekly blog post. Lots of love; logo 1

Want to watch me try these?


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