Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

IMG_1321.JPGI’m one of these people who doesn’t just stick to one foundation. I’ll very rarely buy the same foundation when I run out and when looking for new foundation on eBay I came across a seller selling sample sizes/travel sizes of foundation and decided to buy myself the ‘Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation’.

The texture of the foundation is creamy and is also lightweight, however, the coverage is not very good, it also makes your skin look very oily, until you apply powder but after a few hours your foundation starts wearing off and makes your skin look oily anyway. The foundation definitely makes your skin look brighter, there is also a slight shimmer in the foundation, which is slightly noticeable. When applying the foundation it also smells like someone has mixed perfume with the foundation, and to be honest, it doesn’t smell like it is good to be putting on your skin. I have also noticed that since using this foundation I have been getting more spots.

However, the foundation does not come off when you first apply it. I can easily do my makeup in the morning and then get changed and my foundation stays put.

The colour match is also perfect. I purchased ‘010’ which is ‘Light Porcelain’ which is the lightest colour they do. I was quite sceptical that it would be to light for my skin, but it is just the right colour.

Personally, I probably would not buy this foundation again because it wears off easily and makes you look oily, so if you do purchase this I would definitely purchase blotting sheets and if you are out for the day take them with you as personally this foundation only lasts around 5-6 hours before you look oily.

Thank you for reading. Please give it a like if you enjoyed reading and also feel free to recommend any foundation below because I love trying new foundation. Lots of love logo 1


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