MUA VS Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

IMG_1303When it comes to lipsticks I’m one of these people who doesn’t really want to spend a lot on them. Yes, the more expensive the higher quality but cheaper lipsticks can also be just as good. Two of my favourite lipstick brands are MUA and Makeup Revolution because the colours are so pretty and the lipsticks are also very moisturising and easy to apply, they are also super affordable at Β£1 each! (although because of this your total does add up very quickly!) With these lipsticks the colour does fade but you can’t notice it dramtically fading and you don’t end up with that line around your lips showing that the rest of your lipstick has come off.Β IMG_1305

When applying the Makeup Revolution one to my lips it takes a lot of applying for the colour to actually show and it does not glide over my lips as easy as the MUA one. The Makeup Revolution one also has a slight taste to it.

IMG_1307The MUA lipstick glides on your lips a lot easier and you don’t need to apply a lot for the colour to show. The MUA lipstick does not have a taste and it is a lot more moisturising when wearing it than the Makeup Revolution.


The lipsticks are very similar to each other and come in the same packaging (except the name is different and the MUA has a silver bit showing the connection between the cap and the bottom. Now, I know some people are very OCD about their lipsticks and don’t like to store them upside down so you can see the colour, theswatches.png Makeup Revolution lipsticks have the colour of the lipstick on the lid so you can store them upright!

Overall, I definitely think that if you are on a budget these lipsticks would be great, they do their job and the colour is really good for the price that they are. You also get the colour shown to you on the bottom unlike some higher end lipsticks such as MAC or Lime Crime. Highly recommend these.

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