Clean & Clear Black Head Clearing Daily Scrub Review

IMG_1255So recently I have decided to start using more skin care products because for some reason in the winter my skin becomes really bad and I did not want this. Now, for me black heads isn’t such an issue but I still don’t want them to start popping up everywhere so its best to just make sure that they aren’t. This skin care promises to fight blackheads from the first day of using it. In my opinion, I can’t really tell if it worked from day one but I definitely think that it has helped. You are also meant to use this day and night, however, in the morning I only use my elemis sensitive face wash and use this at night. I also don’t use this everyday, I alternate between my Clearasil hydra-blast gel wash which stops everyday breakouts.

The Clean and Clear face wash does have a slight perfume like smell, it IMG_1257doesn’t smell very natural either as if it is actually something good to put on your face. The texture feels like hand cream as well. The face wash also comes with tiny blue balls inside which kind of irritate and hurt your face when using it. I also thought that because of this my face was going to red, itchy and dry. It’s actually not! I was so surprised! So if you are worried that this is going to irritate your skin and you have sensitive skin then don’t worry, so do I and your face actually feels very refreshed and thankful afterwards.

So if your looking for a good blackhead face wash then I would 100% recommend this. It is suitable for sensitive skin and does actually work within the first two washes and you can actually notice results. Thank you for reading, please click that like button if you enjoyed and remember to follow for more weekly blog posts. Lots of love; logo 1



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