Bomb Cosmetics Garden Party Bath Mallow

IMG_0799Hello everyone, today I am going to be doing a review on the ‘Bomb Cosmetics Garden Party Bath Mallow.’ I have to say that this is not one of my favourite bath bomb, but maybe its because it did not make the bath have bubbles or change the colour… Anyway, when I dropped it in the bath it fizzed and slowly made the water creamy. The flower on top of the bath bomb was pretty cool as it turned into a kind of soapy consistency and it also opened like a proper flower in the spring time. The soil like balls just floated to the bottom to the bath and in my opinion added nothing to the bath. Although, I’m not sure what they were made out of because I could not break them and they did not dissolve. This became an issue when emptying the bath, you have to literally chase them round the bath so you can put them in the bin.

The bath bomb did not have a very strong smell which would have beenIMG_1206 perfect for waking up on a spring morning. The smell was a floral smell but again wasn’t to strong, however,Β as I had the bath at night and its practically the winter I wanted something a little warmer and maybe with bubbles, although I could have kind of guessed that this would not be a warm, relaxing bath bomb as it is a flower which is usually associated with spring/summer.

In my opinion it is not my favourite, I may buy it again in the spring/summer time but it’s not one that I am desperate to buy again.

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