*Tokyo Treat Review

IMG_1103[1]Hello everyone, today I am going to be reviewing the November Premium box which the lovely people over at Tokyo Treat sent me! https://tokyotreat.com/



Every month we’ll send you a mystery box stuffed to the brim with over two pounds of premium, full-sized candies straight from Japan. Treats in the box will include savory snacks and the ultra-HOT Japanese candy DIY kits, which let you build your own sweet confection-creations!


For a small box it costs $14.99, For a medium box it costs $24.99 and for premium it costs $34.99

So, I filled out a form in October to get it delivered to my house and it arrived at my house in November so it did take a while to get to my house. My first impression of the box was that it is very plain and simple so there is not much going on which meant that their brand was clearly displayed.

When I opened the box and searched through I was actually very surprised about how many things that I had been sent. Mostleaflet of the things that I was sent I absolutely loved!!!! My favourite thing was the ‘Glico’s Capri Cocotte Strawberry and Vanilla’ chocolates that tasted like milkshake! The only things hat I wasn’t a fan of was the ’12 grains Look’ chocolate and the ‘Chilled Candy (Ginger & Honey)’ drink.

The packaging of the items was so adorable. One thing that I did notice is that Japan put so much more effort into their packaging than the UK which made them seem even more appealing. I really enjoyed trying all of these sweets from Tokyo Treat, so thank you. I would highly recommended Tokyo Treat if you are interested in Japanese sweets because they are just the cutest and it is definitely worth the wait!


This was one of the DIY sets that I got sent and this is the ‘Meiji’s Mushroom Mountain DIYIMG_1118 Snacks’ This allowed you to make your own chocolate mushrooms and mountains. I had so much fun making this and it was also super easy even though I can not read fluent in Japanese but the pictures were very clear. The chocolate was also really nice as well, however, the bread sticks made you very thirsty afterwards.



This was the other DIY kit that I got and it is the ‘Kracie’s Fun Ramen Shop’ This took me forever to make because I could not understand the instructions and it was so complicated. However, in the end my dad and I worked out what we were meant to do and made this ramen! It was really clever because the noodlesIMG_1125 were made out of powder and it was really cool and fun to make. However, it did not taste to good. The white sweet that felt like gum was nice and when the powder (red and green sprinkles) were inside they tasted a little sour giving it more flavour but the consistency of the noodles was not nice and I did not like it, but the concept of the whole thing is awesome!

Yaokin Rice Cracker

IMG_1164If you saw my video on this then you would have seen that with the ‘Yaokin Rice Cracker’ I got an odd silver packet and I said I would open it on my blog. I think that it was soy sauce because that’s what it smelt like but I did not try it because I do not like soy sauce.

Sato Petite Pack of Meiji Bamboo Shots
Doraemon’s Cup Chocolate
Glico’s Pretz Mild Salad
Meiji’s Curry Curls
Umai-Bow 3 Set
12 Grains LOOK (harvest la mode fruitful)
Gummy Maru Takeshi Grilled Egg
Kyooya Cherry Rice Cake
Top Rider Drive Gume
Chilled Candy (Ginger & Honey)
Glico’s Capri Cocotte Strawberry & Vanilla
‘Assassination Classroom’ Sugar Cola Flavour Chewy Candy
East Pigeon Pokémon Milk Snack

Thank you for reading and thank you again to Tokyo Treat for sending me this lovely box to try. If you did enjoy please leave a like and follow for more weekly blog posts. Lots of love; logo 1

Want to watch me try these?


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