Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Bath Bomb Review

Hello everyone, today I am going to be doing a review on the Cotton Bath Bomb from Bomb Cosmetics. When I dropped this IMG_0793bath bomb in the bath it turned the water a lovely sky blue colour it also turned the water very creamy and it felt very nourishing on my skin. One thing that I did find awesome is that the purple sparkles that are on top of the bath bomb are actually noticeable in the bath which although it didn’t change the colour of the bath drastically it was still pretty. However, I do think that this would be more of a spring bath bomb which you could use in the morning just because of the colours and the fresh scent that was given off of the bath bomb.

After the bath bomb had all dissolved into the water you could smell the delicate sweet fragrance that covered the bathroom, as the bath bomb says it smelt like cotton, like fresh washing. I would definitely recommend using/buying this in the spring/summer because it is not really a cotton bath bombautumn/winter scent which is the scents that you kind of want in this season.

Another cool thing about this bath bomb is that they had light pink sprinkles on top of the bath bomb and when dropped into the bath they stayed like sprinkles until you picked them up and they turned into a consistency like soap which I thought was awesome because not only do you have vibrant purple sparkles on top you also have pink sprinkle like soap which makes it look super pretty as well.

Although this bath bomb does not create bubbles or do anything out-of-the-ordinary I would definitely recommend this more in the summer time and in the morning because the scent would just wake you up and it is a very delicate bath bomb so you would feel awake and not sleepy again.

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