MUA Matte VS Original Lipsticks

2 lipsticksHello everyone, today I am going to be battling two makeup products together to see which one is better and which one is worth the money. Today I am comparing two lipsticks that are from the same company MUA (Makeup Academy) As some of you may know MUA have the original lipsticks and they also have the matte lipsticks so today I am going to tell you which is better. First of all both of these lipsticks are a pound! Yes! A pound! Now, some of you may be thinking ‘it’s a pound, its not worth my money, I can get a better lipstick somewhere else.’ But can you? Can you really? Yes, there is probably other companies that do lipstick for a pound and you can find one pound makeup in Poundland but why should you really spend your money on this company?

matte lipstick
Peachy Keen

The MUA matte lipsticks are EXACTLY what they say they are, matte lipsticks. I love using these lipsticks because I feel like they just last for a longer time than the original lipsticks, because they are not shiny or wet when being applied to the lip they also do not get over your teeth or leave a big stain on your glass after you have drunk out of it which is definitely a bonus! My favourite matte lipstick from them is the ‘Peachy Keen’ lipstick which you have probably seen in my favourites (I just really love this lipstick okay!) and whenever I wear this I always get compliments saying that my lipstick is nice.

However, one thing that I don’t like about it is that unlike the original lipsticks when the matte lipstick starts to come off it kind of looks really cracked on your lips, it also is not as moisturising as the original lipsticks.

normal lipstick
Shade 3

The MUA original lipsticks are a lot more moisturising when applied to the lips. The lipstick is also a lot more shiny than the matte lipsticks. The only problem with the original lipsticks is that because they don’t dry easily/quickly like the matte lipsticks if you drink something the likeliness is you will leave a stain on the glass. Also if you drink whilst wearing these lipsticks make sure you check in a mirror afterwards because sometimes you get two lipstick marks pointing upwards from your lips. Also, I am going to recommend not getting the lipstick ‘Tulip’ from this collection because it is not moisturising and very dry and does not really transfer onto your lips.

Overall, both these lipsticks are great but personally I feel like the matte lipstick just does it for me. I feelswatches 1.jpg like it is more practical to wear and you will definitely get more use out of it than the original, especially if you are at school. (The original also do other light colours as well) The matte also does not easily transfer onto your teeth either. Overall if you want an affordable lipstick that is good quality then I definitely recommend this brand. If you enjoyed this blog post please click that like button and follow for more weekly blog posts! Thank you for reading lots of love;

logo 1


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