Bomb Cosmetics Rose Bath Creamer Review 

Hello everyone, today I am going to be reviewing the Rose Bath Creamer from Bomb Cosmetics and I have to say that I ABSOLUTLY love this bath IMG_0637 creamer. It is different from Lush and it is really pretty and makes your skin feel super soft. Now, I have eczema and this means that I have to be really careful with the stuff I put in my baths and the products that I use on my skin, I have noticed in the past that when I use Lush products I have sometimes been itchy afterwards but with the bath creamer it really nourished my skin and I feel as if this product actually helped my skin! The water also feels really rich, smooth and creamy. Your skin also feels really soft hours after your bath.

IMG_0639A long with this product really nourishing my skin and helping my skin it also looked extremely pretty in the bath. When the bath bomb melted into the bath the petals that were in the bath bomb were set free and scattered in the bath making it really pretty. The only problem was having to fish the petals out at the end. If you own this bath bomb or are thinking of buying it when you have finished with it leave some water in the bath, get a sieve and fish them out and then put the petals in the bin or the garden, its up to you!

I also love this product because the smell is really floral and divine, the smell from the product also makes the bathroom smell really nice and your skin smell really nice long after you have the bath. 100% definitely recommend buying this product and it is definitely a bath bomb that I would buy over and over again. This bath creamer would also be really nice for the autumn because of the colours and the way that it looks in the bath.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have any recommendations of bath bombs please leave them in the comments. Please follow if you like for more weekly blog posts. Lots of love;

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