Japan Matsuri 19th September 2015

Hello everyone, I am a huge fan of Japan and on Saturday Amy and I were kindly invited by Thaijindesu and Reece to go with them to a Japanese festival in Trafalgar Square, London with Thaijindesu’s parents. So at around 10:30am we got on IMG_0886the train and headed for London. The train ride was actually really fun and it did not feel like an hour and I would definitely prefer going places in a train as it is so much more relaxed. When we big benarrived we walked along a massive bridge and got some really nice photos. It took us about 15-20 minutes to reach Trafalgar Square from London Waterloo. When we arrived at Trafalgar square there was SO many people, it was dangerous. When we arrived into the area in which the Japan Matsuri was being held we could see loads of little huts selling food, games to be played, free stuff and stalls to buy things from, there was also many people dressed up as Lolita and other Japanese characters which was really cool, these people seemed like the celebrities of the Japan Matsuri because loads of people were asking for photos. There were also people who were working there dressed up as well which we got loads of pictures with.

badgeThe stalls were also really cute, they sold chop sticks, bowls, cute little nick-knacks, badges, there were strength catquizzes to fill out and you could get things for filling out these quizzes. The atmosphere was so awesome. From the stalls Thaijindesu bought my birthday presents, which I chose but I wont get them until my birthday. (Not going to tell you what they are, you’ll have to wait and see 😉 ) I also bought a little lucky cat which means strong/strength and I just thought out of all of the colour and what they meant the one that meant strong/strength meant the most to sweetme. I also bought a badge that had my name written in Kanji and it means something, but I’m not quite sure what it means… My friend also won a sweet from a raffle and we all tried it but out of all of us I think I was the one who liked it the most so I got to keep it. It basically tastes like cold rice. (Sorry if I have just offended anyone from Japan, also if you know what it is, please let me know.)

sailor suit
Thaijindesu and I

For the rest of the day we kind of just walked around looking at the stalls and talking, it was really relaxed and fun, I really enjoyed it. When we had finished looking around we went and got back on the train at around 5:00pm. The train was packed because it was rugby and everyone was going to Twickenham. Thaijindesu’s parents managed to get a seat and us four stood, it was a very odd experience as I didn’t notice how bumpy a train ride was. It was also very strange because I had a little boy crawling around my legs and where we were stood there was a seat on its own and there was a man who was running his foot up and down Reece’s leg. Yes, very strange experience. Luckily when everyone got off the train we managed to get a seat and the rest of the ride home was okay.

When we got back to Thaijindesu’s we could either go to a party with her parents or stay at Thaijindesu’s and have a little party by ourselves, so that’s what we done. We order ‘Tops Pizza’, watched some Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai music videos. Had a kind of fight with water bottles and pillows and we played truth or dare. It was a really good end to the day and I would happily do the whole day over and over again.

Thank you to Thaijindesu and Reece for letting me come to the Japan Matsuri and I had an amazing time. If there is another groupJapan Matsuri next year, I definitely want to go again and if you live in London or quite near to London and you are into Japan or want something to do then I definitely recommend that you go and visit because it is awesome. Thank you for reading this blog post, please follow if you like for more weekly blog posts. Lots of love; logo 1


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