So Susan Intense Eye Shadow Palette Review

so susanHello everyone, so as you may have noticed my site has had an upgrade. I am no longer but I am!!!! Yay!!! Anyway, today I will be doing a review on the So Susan Intense Eye Shadow Palette. This was given to my by my amazing cousin (thank you!) I have to say that I had never heard about this brand before but after browsing their website I have to say their products do look amazing. I am going to start of by saying that this product is currently on sale and costs £24.95 so I am not sure how much it used to cost. The brand is also a 100% cruelty free and does not test their products or ingredients on animals.

The packaging of the product is very professional looking and subtle. It is also not tooso susan pallete in your face. The Eyeshadow is also compact so perfect for travelling. The case is made of plastic and is tinted dark purple. I also like how the light reflects off of the case. When you open the product you see four amazing colours blue, pink, dark purple and a green. Although these are not your typical everyday eye makeup they still look pretty awesome!

I have to say though that I have only tried the blue and pink because the other two colours are quite dark and I am very weary when it comes to dark eye shadows in case I mess up. I have to say that when I tried the blue I was quite disappointed as it did not transfer onto my skin very well and looked like I had not even applied any too my skin. However, my friend thaijindesu tried the blue and it appeared on her skin. This is mainly because I am very pale and IMG_0865thaijindesu is Asian so therefore she has darker skin than me, so if you have a tan or a darker skin complexion it would probably show up.

As you can see on the left I done swatches on my arm. Here, the blue showed up but only after putting my finger in the eye shadow many times to make the colour stand out. If your pale and you are doing this often then you are definitely going to use up the blue quickly. The pink looks more purple when applied to the skin and again with this I also put my finger in the eye shadow many times to make the colour stand out, however, this is buildable so suitable for day or evening. The dark purple and green look very similar and they are super pigmented. I only put my finger in once and it came off really nicely onto my arm.

The eye shadows are also very creamy and have a nice feel to them, they are not chalky so you don’t have to worry about the colour slowly wearing off throughout the day. I had these on my arm for about 5 and a half hours before I went and had a shower and the colours did slowly fade, especially the blue, the blue vanished within about an hour, the pink also faded as well, but it was still noticeable on my arm. I would also use eye primer if you want these colours to last as without anything they fade quite quickly. The purple and green were the same they vanished but were still noticeable. I have noticed that with the dark colours they seem to last longer so perfect for going out in the evening. Also, if you use the dark purple or green make sure you have a good eye makeup remover as the green and purple are still noticeable on my arm even though I have had a shower.

Overall I do like the product and would definitely consider buying some products from their range. However, I do think that there are dupes for this product somewhere on the market which could do the same or a better job than the So Susan palette.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please let me know if you have ever tried a product from So Susan and if it was good or not. Also if you have any makeup brands you want me to check out cause I am always looking for new makeup brands to stare at wishing that I owned the products. (Come on, we all do it!) Please follow if you enjoyed for more weekly blog posts. Lots of love; logo 1


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