August Favoruites

Hello everyone today I will be sharing with you my August favourites! This is going to be more aimed towards beauty products as I have really been loving beauty products this month.

IMG_0843This first product that I have been loving is the ‘Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara’ This mascara is in the colour black and the reason why it is in my favourites is because it gives your eyelashes length and there is no clumping. (Which is always a bonus!) The mascara is super affordable at £2.99! This is the perfect mascara if you are on a budget and for beginners of makeup who don’t want to spend lots of money. Highly recommend this product!

The next product that I have been loving is the ‘Miss Sporty Studio Lash’ liquid eyeliner in the colour IMG_0849black. This is my first ever liquid eyeliner so when I started doing eyeliner above my lashes, it would go a bit wrong but this definitely does not take long to get used to (still haven’t mastered a winged eyeliner yet…) The eyeliner goes on really easily and is really smooth to apply. It is also very stubborn at coming off so definitely have makeup remover wipes or eye makeup remover. This is also super affordable at £2.79.

IMG_0841The next thing that I have been loving is the ‘Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo’ eye shadow in 65-pink gold. This is a gel cream eye shadow and I absolutely love it! The colour is subtle but buildable. This means that you could wear it for everyday or in the evening. The colour is absolutely amazing and very pretty. It has just been my favourite eye shadow for the last month and I love it! This product costs between £4.79 and £5.00.

The next product is the ‘Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Flawless Fresh Foundation.’ This is the ultimate IMG_0846foundation! The product applies to your face really easily and gives you a flawless complexion. However, if you have a really red pimple it may not cover it fully. The foundation is very light weight and it stays so you don’t have to keep touching up your foundation. This costs £8.99 but it is definitely worth it!

Blogging 007The next product which has probably been mentioned before is the ‘Peachy Keen’ lipstick by ‘MUA’ This is the from the matte collection. The lipstick is just super pretty and is very subtle so its suitable for school. Also, as the lipstick is very subtle as it wears off you don’t really notice, unlike brighter lipsticks which constantly need to be checked. Therefore you don’t always need to be checking your lipstick. The lipstick is also slightly water resistant. It is a lot more water resistant than the ‘MUA’ original lipsticks therefore you don’t have to worry about drinking. The feel of the lipstick is also the right consistency. It does not feel really slimy and wet but instead it goes on your lips easily without making a mess. This product is super affordable at £1.00!

The next thing in my favourites is from Tesco and it is the Honey and Shea Butter body butter. This makes your skin feel honey and shea buttersuper soft and nourished. The smell is also amazing and lasts until you next have a shower/bath. I unfortunately can not find this online so I don’t know whether they no longer sell it or not as I got it for my birthday, which was in December or if it was just out at Christmas but If you do find this then definitely pick it up as it is an amazing product!

IMG_0851The next thing that I have been enjoying this month is ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green. I am on the second chapter of the book. (The book has mini chapters inside one chapter) The book is very engaging and very well written with lots of detail and visual imagery. I would highly recommend this book as it is fantastic! I would say that this book is for 13+ as there is some swearing but apart from that I would definitely recommended.

The last thing which I have been enjoying is ‘Enchanted Forest’ by Johanna Basford. If you haven’t heard of this IMG_0853before it is an adult colouring book which is meant to be therapeutic. And I agree, it is! The pictures in the book have so much detail and you can colour them anyway you want! Basford also has another adult colouring book called ‘The Secret Garden.’ If you do not already own one of these go and get one because its something to do on a rainy day, when your bored and something to do to relax yourself.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please leave a comment saying what has been your favourite product this month. If you have not seen already on Saturday I made cookies and brownies with Thaijindesu so go and check that out to see what our creations looked like! Remember follow if you like for more weekly blog posts! Lots of love; logo 1


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