Pretty Little Liar Challenge (Tag)

Hello everyone, so today I thought I would do a little Pretty Little Liar challenge where I answer questions about who my favourite character is and so on. This is a list of questions which I found off of Pintrest and is from klarolineandhaleb.ย If you do this challenge please leave a comment and your blog/YouTube channel and I will read/watch it for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Favourite female character? Spencer

Favourite male character? Toby

A character you thought you would never like the way you like now? Alison

Most intimidating character? Mona

Favourite conversation? “Jenna’s blind she can’t hear us.” – Hanna

Most shocking moment? When Sara was revealed as ‘Red Coat’ and ‘Black Widow’

A couple you wish could happen? Mike and Mona

A couple you never thought you would ship? Mike and Mona

Favourite couple? Spencer and Toby

Favourite friendship?ย Aria and Holden

A character that is most like you? Aria

Something you love about the show? The drama, tension and mystery

Something you hate about the show? The new characters being introduced and characters randomly disappearing from existents

Favourite cast friendship? Shay and Ashley

Something that annoys you? Characters randomly vanish with no explanation on where they have gone

A character you wish didn’t die? Jessica DiLaurentis

Favourite season? Probably season 5

A character you miss? Noel

A character you wish you were friends with? Emily

Least favourite character? Jenna

Favourite location? Spencer’s house

Favourite scene? Any of the scenes where the girls were in the Dollhouse

Favourite family? The Marins

Favourite quote? You know what they say about hope, it breeds internal misery

Favourite party/prom/ball? 6×09 prom

Favourite date? Where Toby and Spencer were meant to have a date night but Spencer couldn’t make it and Toby gave her a scrabble piece necklace with the letter ‘S’ on it

Most fashionable girl? Hanna

Most fashionable guy? Caleb

Most favourite gif?

Thank you for reading this blog post. I really hope you enjoyed this, if you do this challenge please can you link my blog and make sure you give credit to the person who created the challenge (klarolineandhaleb) If you want to answer one, or all of the questions in the comments please feel free to do so. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX


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