Bomb Cosmetics Haul

boxes (bomb cosmetics)Hi guys, so here it is another bomb cosmetics haul! So I recently went on holiday (Click here to see what I done) and there was a bomb cosmetics shop. So… I went and bought lots of bath bombs, because its not like I already have a shop full!

The lovely man put the bath bombs in two boxes for me which was very kind of him. I’m telling you this so that you know I did not buy a gift set. (Yes, some gift sets looked like this in the shop) This is not a review but first impressions on the bath bombs.

The first bath bomb that I picked up was this little duck bath bomb. I have seen this on the website and in Bentalls and I have IMG_0797really wanted to get it as I think it is super cute! So whilst I was on holiday I went and bought it. This bath bomb just looks super cute and adorable, why wouldn’t you buy it? This bath bomb is actually quite strong smelling, but its nice! The bath bomb smells like fresh washing. So if you love the smell of washing, then definitely buy this! Can’t wait to see what will happen to the water and what I’ll smell like afterwards! This is called the ‘Duck n Dive Bath Mallow’ and costs £2.24.

IMG_0799The next bath bomb that I bought was this rose bath bomb. I think that this bath bomb has super cute detailing (especially the rose) This bath bomb smells quite florally, I have to say that it is not my most favourite scent but it still smells good. This bath bomb is called ‘Garden Party Bath Mallow’ and costs £2.24.

This next bath bomb is just super cute and I can’t wait to use it and it is this lemon cupcake bath bomb! I IMG_0800love the smell of lemons, especially lemon wipes. This bath bomb is super cute as it has sparkles and a lemon (which looks and feels likes a gummy lemon, I wouldn’t eat it though!) As you probably guessed this smells like lemon! This is called ‘Lemon Express Mallow’ and costs £2.24.

IMG_0802The last of the small bath bombs is this bath creamer. I ABSOLUTLY love these! I used the ‘Rose Bath Creamer’ (review here) and loved the way it made my skin feel and the smell afterwards so I picked up another one! This time I picked up this white one with blue glitter on the front of it. I can’t exactly describe the smell apart from that it smells very much like perfume. I cannot find this online. Sorry.

The next bath bomb I got is this purple bath bomb with a heart in the middle. When I saw this I thought it IMG_0788was so cute and simple that I just had to get it. This smells very subtle and sweet. It also has hints of blossoms. The bath bomb is called ‘Love Above’ and costs £2.29.

IMG_0787The next bath bomb is this cupcake one. When I saw this I was just like “wow! I need that in my life!” This bath bomb looks so fun and pretty! This bath bomb has little sprinkles which I’m hoping they turn the water multi-coloured. The bath bomb smells like a really sweet strawberry icing and it smells good enough to eat! This bath bomb is called ‘Party Popper’ and costs £2.29.

IMG_0790This next bath bomb is very purple! and has glitter on the top. I’m not quite sure what drew my attention towards this bath bomb, but never mind. This bath bomb has kind of a spicy scent but at the same time it is subtle. This bath bomb is called ‘Night Fever’ and costs £2.09.

IMG_0793The final bath bomb that I got was this baby blue one with flowers on the top. This one also smells a bit like fresh washing, but it does not smell as strong. This bath bomb also smells like cotton, which is probably why the name is ‘Cotton Flower’ this bath bomb costs £2.29.

Wait! Hold on, there’s one more thing. Soap! This is the first soap that I actually reached for, smelt it andIMG_0795 bought it. The reason why I didn’t smell any of the other soaps is because this one just smelt divine! The soap has a mix of orange and yellow tones with what looks like liquorice in the middle. The soap is a very sweet but subtle smell. The soap also smells fruity! This soap is called ‘Candy Box Soap’ and it costs £2.49.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you want to go and buy some bath products then click here; If you use bath products from bomb cosmetics please tell me your favourite as I am always looking for new bath bombs (even though I have loads!) Thank you! Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX


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