A Message To Society

Hello everyone, this blog post is going to be quite different as I just want to talk about society and how we should not judge people based on certain factors. If this is not your type of blog post please come back on Monday for a more happy blog post!

First of all I would like to say that there are MANY different people in the world, people with disorders, people with disabilities, people of all different shapes and sizes. But why should any of this matter? Why should people be judged and treated differently just because they act or look a certain way? Nowadays many people have a perception of what people should look like and be like, but no! Why should we changed ourselves to be what everyone else wants us to be? Why can’t be look how we want and live how we want?

So what if there is someone in the street acting unusual and not there age? They could have a disorder, why should you judge? Do you know the person? Probably not. Have you spoke to the person? Probably not. Do you have a right to judge? Absolutely no way! So what if someone’s a little skinny? Does it mean they have a disorder? Maybe. Does it mean they don’t have a disorder? Maybe. Does it mean they exercise? Possibly. So what if someone is in a wheel chair or has lost a limb? Do you know how they got this disability? Probably not. Do you know how much of a struggle it is for them? Probably not? So why do you think you have the right to judge? So what if someone is gay? Does it matter? No? Why cant they be happy? Why is it up to someone else to decide who you can be in a relationship with?

I see people nowadays who might be a little overweight and I have seen this! People will whisper about them to someone just because they are a little overweight. So what! Why does it matter? Is it you? No! As long as the person is happy in their skin why should it matter what you think of them? It is not your place to say anything. For all you know this person could have a disorder (such as thyroid) which makes it hard to loose weight or put weight on. However, this does not just happen to overweight people. Being on the skinny side of the spectrum I have to deal with my family saying “eat something.” “You’re eating sweets!? “Your a bag of bones.” However, I feel like you can say this stuff to a skinny person but not to an overweight person. If someone was overweight you would not say to them “stop eating”, “loose some weight”. Would you? No, because it is rude, but with skinny people I feel like it is okay to say this stuff. Yes, I know I am skinny, I don’t need people to tell me. So what if I’m wearing a crop top, my stomach is still the same whether I am or I am not so why do you think you can look at my stomach and tell me to eat? Metabolic rate also accounts for this as well. I am also energetic and athletic which also accounts for this.

Why should people be judged for disorders? So you have a mental disorder. Embrace that, it makes you unique. So what if you are not like everybody else? Why should it matter? Your rare. So you have an eating disorder? Why should people make fun of it? So you have bipolar or a personality disorder? Why should you be judged for a person you are at that current time? So what! Why should any of this matter? Why does it make you feel good to judge someone just because they are different from you?

Why should people be laughed at for disabilities? So what if someone is in a wheel chair? Do you have the right to laugh? No! Do you have the right to judge? No! You don’t know what this person has been through and they are trying to live a normal life just like you but because of the fact that people judge they are scared to live a normal life. So what if someone has lost a limb? Do you know what happened? They could have been in a war, or a car accident? You probably don’t know this? So why do you think its okay to judge. The least you could do for any disabled person struggling is at least hold open a door for them if you see they are struggling, offer to carry their shopping, if someone in a wheel chair is going up a hill, offer to push them to the top. If more people started doing this it would make everyone’s lives a lot easier. Just think, if this was you wouldn’t you wanted to be helped if you were struggling?

Why should people be judged for being gay? Does it seriously matter what gender they are into? No! Why do you care? Why does it matter if two boys or two girls are hugging or kissing? They might not even be gay at all? But because of society the minute we see two of the same gender hugging we assume they are dating. They could be brothers or sisters or best friends. Is it affecting you in any way that these people are gay? Probably not.

At the end of the day, why does it matter what race, religion, disability, disorder, weight, appearance, gender you are, why are we not all treated fairly? Why should one religion be treated differently to another, not all members of a religion are bad just because one member was. Why should people be judged because of skin colour? Why judge people at all? Why can’t we all get on with our own business instead of judging people around us? Remember, you don’t know why they are like that, what happened to them, what their life is like etc… So what gives you the right to judge?

Thank you for reading this, I just had to share my views on this topic as I feel like this is what society has lead to. I did not mean to offend anyone if I accidently did. I know there are more disorders and disabilities and probably factors on peoples weight but it was just a few just to get my point across. Thank you very much for reading. Please comment your opinion down below. Lots of love: XxFashionCookiexX


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