My Holiday In Paignton!

Hello everyone, so I recently went on holiday to Paignton, Devon, and I am going to document it here! First of all I am going to say that most days were rainy/cloudy and were not very nice which was kind of disappointing but we still managed to go out and do stuff!

When we first arrived at Beverley Park it was nice and sunny and a good start to the holiday, it took us about 3 and a half hours to get to the park, but it didn’t feel that long (probably because I’m used to going to Cornwall which is about 4 hours and a half.) When we arrived we parked up and went and got the keys, our grandparents keys were ready but ours were not as ours was being cleaned. We then unpacked the car so my mum and dad could go shopping. When they got back from shopping we went over to Beverley Bay and went into the club house to relax and talk as we didn’t want to go far because we still hadn’t got a caravan. Finally we got the keys and moved into our caravan. (I didn’t even unpack!) For dinner we went to ‘Starlight’ (which is the restaurant on site) and it was awesome! It was above the entertainment and if you sat by a window you could see the entertainment and slightly hear it as well! (I am not going to write about everything I done and where I went because the video kind of explains what I done and what I saw so I am not going to write about everyday as it will be very boring for you to read 🙂 )

Beverley Park was very nice. The caravans had proper sofa’s which made it feel like home, the work surfaces of the kitchen did not stick out and a weird angle so you didn’t walk into them and hurt yourself. You got a proper table with proper chairs. The beds were bigger so you didn’t roll over and fall out of them. The shower was nicer. You got a proper towel rail to put your towels. There was also an en suite with a towel rail! There was heating in every room so it wasn’t freezing when you got up in the morning. There was also a bench outside so you could sit and have a BBQ or eat dinner outside or read a book or just sit and relax. However, even though this was the nicest caravan it still had some flaws. The TV was tiny, although this was not a problem for me because I very rarely watch TV my mum and dad found it annoying when they were trying to watch TV at night. The fire place also covered up half of the TV as it stuck out and if you sat on the sofa near the fire place you could not see the TV. The fridge was very small. All that aside it was a beautiful caravan and very welcoming and homely. Best caravan I have EVER! stayed in!

035The park was also very nice. It was also very big. The grass was well maintained, unlike other places that we have visited before. There was a gym there which I was looking forward to… until I found out you had to be 16 or over to use the gym 😦 . The park had caravans with two sets of stairs (like the one I stayed in) The park also had caravans with one set of stairs. There were lodges and caravans which are called ‘Platinum Caravans’ and are similar to lodges. This caravan park also had lots of space for campers, the campers also had the best view as you could see the sea and the beach from the area in which the campers are located. There is also a play park, an outdoor table tennis table and tennis court. There is also mini golf which had about 12 or 13 holes. Some which were easy and some which were hard.

My favourite part about that holiday was going to the club house at night. The entertainment was amazing! The entertainment was the best entertainment ever and normally we don’t go to the club house on any caravan site because of this reason joe and ihowever, we went every night because the entertainment is amazing. Both club houses (Starlight and Oceans) do different things so you have the choice on what you want to see. They done quizzes and they had their resident bands (Octave and Counterpoint) perform on some nights. They done a talent show and a Eurovision contest. They also had stuff for younger kids, bingo and a lot more. One of the entertainment team members (Joe) was very friendly. He went round to the adults and talked to them as other members of the entertainment team were with the kids. He made time for the adults and the kids. He also remembered who you were each time he saw you. He would also sit with the adults and talk to them and made you feel included and that the entertainment was not all for the children. So if you ever go to Beverley Holidays and you see Joe be sure to go and say “hi” to him as he is very friendly.

I don’t often cry when we leave a caravan site but it depends on the holiday that we have and whether I really enjoyed it or not. This was one of them. I really did not want to go home. I could have easily spent another week or so there as the caravan was amazing and so where the staff and overall everything about the park was amazing! I really want to go back and really hope we go back here for another holiday! I would definitely recommend this park and would give it a 10/10 for facilities, entertainment, location, view, staff etc… Thank you to Beverley holidays for making this one of the best holidays ever! Definitely want to come back!

Thank you for reading about my holiday in Paignton. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have been to Beverley Holidays be sure to let me know in the comments below and tell me what you thought of the caravan site. Another big thank you to Beverley Holidays and also a big thank you to ‘The Weekend Riot’ for letting me use their song in my video. (Check out ‘The Weekend Riot if you haven’t already!) Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX


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