42 Unanswered Questions About Pretty Little Liars

Hello everyone, so last Wednesday (It was Wednesday for me as I live in the UK) I watched the Pretty Little Liar finale (Click here to read my reaction) and it left me with some questions.


  1. What happened to the mums? Are they still locked in the basement?
  2. What were in those bags that’s were being moved out of the Carissimi Group? And what was in them that had to be moved secretly in the dark?
  3. How did CeCe have enough money to build a dollhouse and get the exact furniture that are in the girls rooms?
  4. What did CeCe want with Sara, why did she kidnap Sara in the first place?
  5. Why didn’t Sara run away and leave when she was let out to be Red Coat and Black Widow? Its not like she had a chip, Emily checked.
  6. What is so important about the date 7th of September?
  7. What mental institution allows their children patients on the roof of the building, or any patient?
  8. Who is Rhys and why was he so important? rhys
  9. Who killed Mrs DiLaurentis?
  10. Why did Mrs DiLaurentis pay Wilden to not say anything about CeCe hitting Ali? And why did he keep his mouth shut, he is a police officer, he is meant to report murders and crimes!!!
  11. Why did CeCe offer to pay Hanna’s college fund?
  12. Was Sara lying all along about liking Emily?
  13. Why is CeCe so obsessed with yellow ruffled tops?
  14. Is Maya actually dead?
  15. If she is dead who killed her?
  16. If CeCe was a patient at Radley, why did Wren give her a visitors pass?
  17. Why did CeCe dress Mona up as Alison in the Dollhouse?
  18. What happened to Cyrus?
  19. Who is Varjak?
  20. Who put blood in Spencer’s bag when she was in London?
  21. Why is Jason the only member of the N-A-T Club still alive?
  22. What were with all of Bethany Young’s creepy drawings?
  23. What was with Wren’s creepy drawing of a family with a lady in a red coat? Does he know something?
  24. Who did Emily dig up out of Alison’s grave?
  25. Who did Aria stab on the train with a screwdriver when she was in a box?
  26. Why did Eddie Lamb recognise Aria when she helped out at Radley?
  27. Who killed Widen?
  28. Who is the original red coat? Alison or CeCe?
  29. What is up with that creepy boy in that toy shop window? boy
  30. Where did Dr. Sullivan go?
  31. Why in Dr. Sullivan’s office was ‘nosey’ spelt the British way if CeCe is American?
  32. Why are Wren and Melissa in London?
  33. Who killed Garret?
  34. Who attacked Mona in her house the night she “died”
  35. Why is CeCe obsessed with dolls?
  36. What actually happened in Cape May?
  37. Why did Emily only wear the friendship bracelet Alison got her in a few episodes when she said “I wear it all the time?”
  38. Why did CeCe try to kill Jason in the lift if she loved him?
  39. What was with Mona’s anagram “Miss Aria You Are A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife”
  40. Why did Aria never get caught for Shana’s murder? Unless Shana isn’t dead…
  41. Is Ali now a teacher?
  42. Who was coming for Alison in the 5 year time jump?

Thank you for reading guys, I hope I’m not alone and you guys have some of the same questions that I do. If you have anymore questions that still need answering please leave them below. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX


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