My Pretty Little Liar Season 6 Finale Reaction!

Hello everyone. I am going to start by saying that I was quite disappointed by the season six finale. However, I also spoiled it for myself by going on to Facebook. Even when I saw who was ‘A’ I just went “oh” it was not really the reaction that I was hoping for and expected from such a great show.


So I have been waiting for AGES! to know who ‘A’ is, I have done theories on who I thought ‘A’ was, I have looked at other peoples theories, I have looked for as many clues as possible to who was ‘A’ and the last person I would have suspected is Cece. The reason why the producers probably done this is because they knew very few people would actually suspect Cece.

From the very beginning of the show I have always thought that ‘A’ was a male. I don’t know why I just have always thought that it was. Even when Mona was revealed I still thought that ‘A’ was a man. Then in season 6 we saw Clarke take a photo of ‘A’ which then lead the girls into thinking that ‘A’ was a girl. This was a piece of information that I kind of just ignored just because I thought that ‘A’ was a man and I thought the clue was trying to swerve us away from who ‘A’ actually was (turns out the clue should have been taken note of)

The reason why I am disappointed is because of the whole episode. I am disappointed for starters because Cece was ‘A’. In my personal opinion (and I know many other people thought the same) I think Wren should have been ‘A’. As he is a doctor he had all of the right tools for him to access medicine (for Spencer), he was in Radley where Mona was making it easy to get information from the girls, he also kept going of the England. (If you would like to read my full Wren theory click here.) Also even if Noel, Ezra, Holden or Alex (You know that guy from the tennis club in the very first season that Spencer roughly dated) would have been interesting as it would of created drama and mystery.

I am also disappointed because of the way that Cece was revealed. I feel like every other finale when a member of the ‘A’ team has been revealed it has been interesting and exciting. For example, Mona took Spencer to her lair and then went to get something out of her car and came back as ‘A’. When Toby broke into Spencer’s house. When Spencer was talking to Toby and she was revealed in the black hoodie. When Ezra lied to Aria and made her go to the shops and he went into his basement and all of the ‘A’ equipment was there. But how is ‘A’ revealed in the season six finale??? She turns around and is talking to Alison in Radley. See, no excitement.

I am also slightly disappointed that Sara was red coat and the black widow. (I mean she has only been in show five minutes, why does she get two important roles!?) When the liars and Mona found ‘A’s lair Sara waited outside and I thought “okay, maybe it’s in case the door closes because I knew it would I mean it’s “Pretty Little Liars” sara harvey red coat & black widowbut then when the door closed I didn’t think much else. I do think that “Pretty Little Liars” could have done so much more with this story line that they have been producing since 2010. Personally I think that ‘red coat’ and ‘black widow’ should have been someone that we all have known since the beginning. I don’t really have an opinion on who I think ‘red coat’ was but I know many people thought that ‘black widow’ was Melissa and I think that if Melissa was ‘black widow’ that would have been an interesting story line.

I know this is a bit of a negative post but overall I did enjoy the episode and now I am left with loads of questions. Also the end scene were Ali was a teacher, that intrigued me, also the girls new hair looks awesome! I can’t wait to watch season 7! Even though I now know who killed Mrs Cavanaugh, who killed Bethany, who ‘A’ is, who red coat and black widow are. I still have lots of questions, therefore they answered questions but left us with loads more. I’m disappointed with the characters that have been revealed but I enjoyed the episode and can’t wait for season 7!

Thank you for reading. Did you enjoy the episode? Were you disappointed with the characters? Where you surprised on how they revealed everything? Who did you think ‘A’, red coat and black widow were? Please tell me in the comments below. I am also really sad that I can’t do anymore theories but hopefully season 7 will have more suspicious characters so I can do more theories (crossing fingers) thank you for reading. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.



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