What’s In My Hand Luggage Makeup Bag?

Hello everyone! As it is summer and many people are going on holiday and I am next week I thought I would show you what I take with me when travelling. So the only time that I do travel is when I go on holiday. As we have never been abroad this goes in the back of the car with me and is perfect as I can fit everything that I need to in to the bag. Also I take another bag which contains my other makeup products such as different mascara and lip stick so if you want to see a full make up collection please let me know.

When I go on holiday we normally leave at around six o’clock and I don’t want to have a face full of makeup because I always fall asleep and when I wake up I don’t want to look like a dead zombie. So when I know that I am about half an hour away I will apply my makeup.

IMG_0729What I take in my makeup bag

Cleansing Facial Wipes – These are a must as if you get mascara on your nose (trust me its possible) or under your eyes or above your eyes it comes off easily. Also if you fall asleep and then need to put on your makeup wipe your eyes with these as it will stop them from feeling dry and tired.

Tissues – These come in handy if you have a runny nose or if your eyes start watering. These can be used for practically anything, this is why they are a must.

Lip Balm – Lets be honest, every girl needs a lip balm, the worst thing is to be travelling for ages and to have sore dry lips. The lip balm I use is the Patisserie Strawberry Cupcake lip balm and its smaller than Vaseline which is perfect as you don’t need a big lip balm if you are travelling, therefore saving room in your makeup bag.

MUA Undress Me Too Palette – I really love this eye shadow palette and I use it everyday, therefore its a good reason to take with me on holiday. As the colours are neutral there are endless possibilities and go with anything. Some colours are matte whilst others are shimmer. Perfect for night time or day time.

Fast Lash Volume Shock Mascara –  I have looked every where to try and find this mascara as it is really good and I originally got it out of a magazine. However, I can’t find this mascara any where. However, I have seen the soap and glory one which looks similar so I am guessing that this is a dupe for that or something. I don’t know. (sorry)

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation – I absolutely love this foundation! It is light weight and is applied really easily. You can easily build on it so you can have as much or as little coverage as you want. Don’t know what else to say about this apart from that we all need a good foundation and I definitely recommend this one!

MUA Translucent Powder – This is perfect for putting on after your foundation, or just on its own. It is light and easy to apply and also a perfect size for travelling.

W7 Powder Blush – This blush is it the colour rose. As I am very pale applying to much can make me look like a clown. However, the best way to apply this is to use a blush brush and just dab it into the blush and dab it onto your cheeks. Very subtle but very effective. Perfect for travelling and versatile for day or night.

Laura Geller Bronzer – This is in the colour Ballerina. It is shimmery and really pretty and it does not go on your face to heavily.

MUA Cover & Conceal & MUA Undress Your Skin – I take both of these concealers as I use the Undress Your Skin first under my eyes and my blemishes and then I use the cover and conceal concealer to brighten them. Both of these concealers are small are compact so easy for travelling.

MUA Matte Peachy Keen Lipstick – Honestly think I am obsessed with this lipstick. As this is a natural nude kind of colour it IMG_0730is perfect for just applying quickly before you arrive. It is also a really summery colour and last really well.

Miss Sporty Hollywood Lip gloss – This lip gloss is in the colour Pasadena (140) and goes really well with the MUA lipstick. You could use this on its own or with the lipstick. The consistency is very strange its almost seems quite heavy on your lips unlike other lip glosses which are lightweight but it is still super pretty.

So Eco Blush Brush – With this brush I use it to apply my powder all over my face as it is big and soft and makes applying powder super easy.

So Eco Foundation Brush – Just for simply applying foundation to my face and blending in my concealer. Also does anyone know any good brush cleaner?

Laura Geller Bronzer Brush –  This is an angled brush so it is perfect for applying my bronzer.

Laura Geller Eyeshadow Brush – This is a really cool brush as it has an applicator one end and a brush the other. Because it has both it means taking less space because it is basically two in one.

Kabuki Brush – This brush is so cute as it has little glasses on it also it comes with a lid to protect the brush and it is also compact as it is smaller when it has the lid on. I used this brush to apply my blush, it is also super soft!

Eye Brow Brush – This is just an angled brush which I believe is from Wilko (don’t hold me against that!) To do my eye brows I use my eye shadow and just fill them in.

Thank you for reading what I take in my travel makeup bag. If you would like to see what else I take which I do not take in the back of the car with me (like a holiday makeup essentials) please let me know. Also if you want a full makeup collection please let me know. Hope you have a great summer and a great day. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.


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