Pretty Little Liars Noel Kahn ‘A’ Theory

noel 1Hello everyone, so this could possibly be my last Pretty Little Liar theory 😦 unless we don’t find out who ‘A’ is on 6X10. I have loved making these and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them. Anyway, today I am doing a theory on Noel Kahn who I feel has disappeared from the show since season 5.


noelThe first thing that I noticed when I started analysing Noel was that he had a long, LONG list of people who were he’s enemies. Many of these were the liars and their boyfriends. Coincidence? Why does Noel hate all of them? ‘A’ would not just hurt some one if he liked them and this was very intriguing. I would also like to point out that Jason is at the top of the list of people who are his enemies. ‘A’ is apparently Jason’s brother. Maybe ‘A’ was angry at Jason because Jason lived a normal life whilst ‘A’ was stuck in Radley.

He also hates all the liars and I believe that out of all the characters that I have analysed Noel is the only character to have all of the girls on the list of people who he hates. Therefore if you really hate someone you might want revenge. Therefore could be the reason why the liars are being tortured.

As you can see the liars boyfriends are also on the list. ‘A’ could be angry at the liars boyfriends because they are getting in ‘A’s way and ‘A’ knows that they will try to protect the girls.

I would also like to point out that Mona, Lucas and Spencer are on the list. As we know these three used to be on the ‘A’ team to protect their loved ones. This could be why he hates them because they failed and got found out and there were basically useless at their job.

In the episode ‘Know You Frenemies’ Hanna is forced to eat half a dozen cupcakes in public. As we see her eating these we see Noel standing just a few tables away from her. This could be so that ‘A’ could see Hanna and so that he was hiding in plain sight because no one would suspect ‘A’ to be standing a few inches away from you.


In the beginning of season one Noel went on a date with Aria and he also knew that Aria was dating Ezra. By Noel knowing this he later used this secret to blackmail Ezra into giving him and A is he English exam. Also Aria gets hurt the least by ‘A’ and this could be because the person who is ‘A’ has a soft spot for Aria. ‘A’ only ever messes with Aria and Ezra’s relationship. Could Noel be jealous of this as he wants Aria for himself therefore he is trying to sabotage their relationship.

In season 5 when Alison tells everything to the liars Noel vanishes. After all Noel knew that Alison was alive and trusted him. She trusted him enough to tell all hers and the liars secrets to, therefore fuelling ‘A’s fire. If Noel really wanted to protect Ali why did he leave after she confessed everything to the liars? Maybe to go and create the dollhouse as he was very angry at the liars for finding Ali and wanted to proper punish them. However I am not sure about Mona or Sara. Maybe they held crucial information about Ali or the liars.

i see youWe all know that Noel is sneaky. He wrote on the back of Ezra’s car “I See You” when him and Aria were kissing. This could be a sign of jealousy. He is also super rich, therefore explaining how he can afford all his expensive camera equipment to spy on the girls with. Also Noel was also at ‘True North’ when Maya went there and those two became quite good friends. When they got back from ‘True North’ Maya stayed in Noel Kahn’s cabin. As they were practically living together they could have easily made plans. Also there is much speculation that Maya is still alive as many before have been said to be dead e.g. Alison, Mona have not actually been dead. Therefore he could have asked Maya to pretend to be dead to sneak around and do his dirty work for him. For example when the pictures were stolen from the photo booth that Maya was in. Coincidence?

Thank you for reading this theory, I really hope that you have enjoyed reading all of my theories if you have. If you haven’t I hope you enjoyed this one. If you want to read more of my theories click here. Please tell me your theories and who you think ‘A’ is. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.


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