Pretty Little Liars I. Marlene King ‘A’ Theory

Hello everyone, this is kind of an odd theory as this person does not appear on the show, she is the producer. However, in season four I started getting this strange feeling that ‘A’ could be someone who we might not expect, that’s when I thought of I. Marlene King possibly being ‘A’.


First of all Marlene is the producer of the show, therefore she has given all of the characters in the TV series personalities which are similar to the book with possibly a few tweaks. As she has created these characters she will know everything about them. For example, their current relationship, all their secrets, where they live, their locker combinations even down to their favourite colour. Because Marlene knows this stuff it is possible for her to be ‘A’ as she can easily blackmail them by using their secrets.

We all know that ‘A’ is very much into watching the liars, especially through camera. What does Marlene do? That’s right she records the liars to produce the show for people to watch. Therefore she is always looking at the liars because of the production of the TV show. Also cameras are a very big part of the show, for example Aria is often seen with a camera and has once been seen wearing a jumper with a camera on. Also many fans say that Aria is ‘A’s favourite so ‘A’ doesn’t want to hurt her. Could it be possible that Marlene’s favourite character is Aria?

‘A’ likes playing games with the liars and the liars are basically ‘A’s puppets. As Marlene is the producer she produces the scripts and controls the girls, just like puppets! As she is writing scripts she is also chooses what happens, just like playing a game.

This is a tweet from Marlene saying “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t. This was the episode that Charlemagne (the magician) was introduced. Therefore her telling us that something in that episode is a clue. (The magician.) However, the tweet could also mean that you know who Marlene is and you have seen her before but you don’t often see her. It is almost as if she is hiding in plain sight.  

In this tweet Marlene may be confirming that we have met Charles before. However, we do know that it has been confirmed that ‘A’ has been  in the show since the pilot. Marlene also says “cast member” even though she may not be an actor she still is part of the cast.

That is it guys! Thank you for reading and please let me know who you think Charles is, also if you have any theories that you would like me to check out please leave a link and I will read it for you. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.


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