Pretty Little Liars Caleb Rivers ‘A’ Theory

Hello everyone. I know this is a little strange that I am posting on Thursday but I know that next week we might find out who ‘A’ is and there are two more theories that I really want to do. Anyway, this is my Caleb Rivers theory.


First of all I don’t really think that Caleb is ‘A’ however there is a possibility of him being ‘A’ and I do know why some people may think that he is ‘A’.

When he first came to Rosewood he already knew Jenna and was working for Jenna to spy on Hanna to get information from Hanna about Alison to then report back to Jenna. However, Caleb soon stopped spying after he fell in love with Hanna. To start off with spying on someone anyway is creepy and sounds exactly what ‘A’ does and when he was first introduced in the show this is what he was doing.

Before he came to Rosewood he was illegally fixing peoples phones. From my knowledge he is the only character (apart from ‘A’) how has done things illegally. By knowing how to fix peoples phones and being good at tech could make viewers think that he is ‘A’ as ‘A’ is very good at technology as he has cameras and by using technology is what makes ‘A’ control the girls and know where they are. Caleb is very good at hacking and knows an awful lot about computers.

I have mentioned this in my Sara Harvey and my Byron Montgomery theories that ‘A’ has to be around 5’7 or 5’8 as in the doll house he is nearly the same height as Spencer. However, Caleb is 5’10 which does mean that this makes him a little less of a suspect. However, this doesn’t mean he could not be working for ‘A’ he could be doing all the technical work whilst ‘A’ is the one coming up with plans and torturing the girls.

Another thing that I have noticed is he has a very big family with lots of half siblings. By Caleb having a big family he could be getting everyone to help him. From my knowledge I do not believe that we have seen his whole family.

One thing that Caleb has done which was very ‘A’ like is putting a cow brain in Mona’s locker. Also, how did Caleb know Mona’s locker combination. In the past we have also seen that ‘A’ has put other things in the girls lockers. For example, the earing that was found in Byron’s office which belonged to Meredith which was taped in Aria’s locker. As it was taped inside her locker it clearly means that ‘A’ could not have posted it through the top of her locker.

In the episode birds of a feather Caleb’s mum gets into a car accident because ‘A’ runs her off the road. Caleb could have done this because he was angry at his mum for giving him up. In the episode the lady killer Caleb gets shot in the stomach. After this the liars don’t hear anything from ‘A’ for a while. This could be because Caleb is in surgery and therefore can’t do anything.

Caleb is also on the phone a lot to anonymous people and then meeting up with them behind Hanna’s back. All the people he meets though are people who we have seen before and are not knew face to PLL.

In the episode Cat’s Cradle Tom tells Caleb that he keeps a gun in his desk. On the night Wilden got killed Ashley went to Tom and asked for money. Once Ashley left Tom looked in the draw that his gun is kept and it was missing. However in season three in the episode ‘The Lady Killer’ Caleb has a gun that he is going to take with the girls to protect them. Caleb could have stolen the gun all the way back then.

In the episode ‘Miss Me X100’ Toby’s house explodes from a gas leak and this affects Emily’s house as well. Caleb is the first one to speak saying “what was that!?” I think this a slight coincidence as he could have set it up. Later on in a couple of episodes later Alison says to “its good to see you again now that the smoke has cleared.” This could be a reference saying that Caleb did plan the explosion.

One thing that Caleb says to Hanna is that “A doesn’t shoot and miss.” The way Caleb says this is as if he is speaking as if he knows ‘A’ the best. Caleb also says “someone had you in a box.” The way he is saying this as if he knew what it was like being in the dollhouse. This is also a reference to the dollhouse. Another thing that Caleb says intrigued me. Caleb says “I’m way ahead of her.” To Hanna about trying to catch Alison in a lie. ‘A’ is always ahead of the liars and Caleb just admitted that he is ahead of one liar (Alison)

This last thing was something that really intrigued me, however it does not really link to Caleb being ‘A’ but it is extremely interesting. In the episode ‘How The A Stole Christmas’ Hanna and Caleb are in Rosewood church and in the church there is a girl who is mean to her friends and she is referred to as ‘Ali’s mini me’ This friendship group also has a girl named Claire who is deaf so they call her names. If you are up to date with PLL you would have met Claire. This little friendship group seems like Sara and her friends.

Thank you for reading and I really hope that you enjoyed, please feel free to leave your theories below and please tell me who you think ‘A’ is. Personally I think I. Marlene King is ‘A’ but I will explain why in my blog post on Saturday. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.


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