Simply Pure Face Mask Review

Hi everyone. Today I felt like doing a review on this little product that I picked up from Superdrug that was 0.27p! This was one IMG_0684of the main reasons why I picked it up because I could review and tell you guys whether it is worth buying.  Also if it is your first face mask I would pick it up because you can see what a face mask is going to be like instead of spending a lot of money on one that you might not like. First of all the product is a liquid and the texture feels very nice. However, it is very messy. It is also kind of hard to transport from your hands to your face as it just seems to stick to your hands.

The product says to leave the product on for three minutes. As these minutes go by you can feel the face mask clinging to your skin. This is a very strange sensation as you cant speak or smile as it feels like it is stretching your skin. I can honestly say that it is not the most pleasant feeling but I definitely feel like it helps my skin.

The only struggle that I have is washing it off. To make sure all the product it off you really have to rub your face and it does make it sore and red. I also notice that after the product has been washed off lots of spots on my forehead appear. However this disappears in the morning. I mainly use this product when my skin does not look its best because in the morning when I go to use my foundation my skin looks clearer which means I reach for my Laura Geller foundation. As the foundation gives my skin less coverage and when I think my skin looks okay I will reach for the Laura Geller foundation.

Overall I would definitely recommend this if you are starting out with face masks as it is affordable and gives you the feeling of a face mask. However, as it is cheap I don’t think it will do as good of a job as some more expensive ones such as lush. But if you are starting out and looking for a cheap one I will definitely try this because you can see whether you like the feeling and if you are actually going to use a more expensive one.

Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions on face masks please leave them in the comments. Lots of love, XxFashionCookiexX.


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