Laura Geller VS MUA Mascara

IMG_0651Hello everyone, today I am going to be reviewing the Laura Geller mascara and the MUA (Makeup Academy) mascara and see how they compare to each other and whether low-end products can have the same effect as high-end products. Laura Geller is the more expensive mascara and it is not found on the high street where MUA is. Laura Geller usually retails around £10, however, this will vary depending on where you shop and what type of mascara you are after, I use the styleLASH mascara. The MUA mascara has nothing special about it and costs £1

Laura Geller

IMG_0649I have been using Laura Geller mascara since my birthday in December. I am a bit sad though because it is nearly empty. I IMG_0469definitely love Laura Geller mascara, to be honest out of all the mascaras that I have tried it definitely goes on to your lashes the best. The mascara also stays and lasts all day therefore you can layer on the mascara without the mascara coming off, which in turn means that you can make your lashes as long and volumized as you want. As it stays on all day you don’t have to always be re-applying it. I really like the Laura Geller mascara as it is in a thin packaging which means that it is easy to transport with you and it is not going to take up a lot of room in your bag. I also like the brush as it allows the mascara to be easily applied to your lashes. There is honestly nothing bad to say about this mascara and it definitely lives up to expectations if you want long, volumized lashes.


IMG_0468When my Laura Geller mascara began to run out I bought myself the MUA mascara. The reasonIMG_0647 for this is because the packaging was similar and therefore I thought it would have the same effect on my lashes, however it did not. I am a little disappointed with the product as it does not come off of the brush very well, this means that I at least spend five minutes doing my mascara in the morning trying to get the product to go onto my lashes. However, the good points about this product is that if you do want to apply to much mascara on you are trying to be discrete, this definitely works. The product comes off of the brush in small amounts, therefore if you are beginning to wear makeup and you don’t want parents or teachers finding out this is definitely the product. However, if you are going for volumized lashes this is not the product. Even though the product does not volumize your lashes it does give them length.

Overall I think they are both good mascaras. I would say that the MUA mascara is a dupe as it is almost in the same packaging the brushes are almost identical. My favourite is probably the Laura Geller mascara just because it lengthens and volumizes my lashes. If you are starting wearing makeup I definitely recommend MUA as it is cheap and gives you a feel for mascara and it still does what Laura Geller does but does not give as much volume or length.

Thank you for reading, I really hope that this helped you and please feel free to comment and I would love to know some good mascaras as I am always wanting to try new mascaras. Lots of love XxFashionCookiexX.


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