Pretty Little Liars Lucas Gottesman ‘A’ Theory

Hello everyone, today I am doing a blog post on Lucas Gottesman. When analysing this character I found many interesting things about him which could possibly link him to ‘A’.


By the way, I am not entirely convinced that ‘A’ is a girl, the whole show has been revolved around a guy. I think that the picture of ‘A’ as a girl is just another one of ‘A’s helpers.

Anyway, back to Lucas. Lucas is an English name and we know that someone English has been involved in the show before (Wren Kingston) however, what if the writing on the wall in Dr. Sullivan’s was not by Wren and actually by Lucas?ย There have been many theories that ‘A’ is from England but Lucas could be hiding behind this to trick people. His last name is also European which connectsย him more to England.

Lucas was once a target of ‘A’ and he was blackmailed into helping the ‘A’ team by Mona, therefore he was no longer a target. As we have learnt from many episodes, ‘A’s helpers normally join to protect their family and friends, however, in Lucas’s case he could have joined the ‘A’ team to protect himself. As he did not feel safe at Rosewood he became home-schooled, this could have given him the chance to torment the girls from a far.

Lucas has been seen with an angry side as when Hanna rejected him he got angry and treats her badly. ‘A’ also treats people badly, this in turn shows that Lucas can treat people badly. ‘A’ also forces Hanna to dance with Lucas at the school dance, this could be Lucas as he still has feelings for Hanna.

Lucas’s friend group is very big and many of his friends have been former ‘A’ members or people who have been suspicious or connected in some way. These include Ezra Fitz, Spencer Hastings, Toby Cavanaugh, Mona Vanderwaal, Sydney Driscoll, Jenna Marshall, Shana and Melissa Hastings. If Lucas was ‘A’ he could have hired these people to be his minions without them knowing, because all the characters that I have analysed, he is the one with the most friends who have been on the ‘A’ team.

In the episode ‘This Is A Dark Ride’ Lucas is seen taking a picture of Alison’s remains. Later on Emily finds teeth in her bag. teethCould Lucas of taken the picture to a place and they replicated Alison’s teeth. We also know that Lucas was also trying to find Alison’s diary. This could be to find out her secrets and use them against her.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment on who you think ‘A’ is. Also if you want me to analyse a character for you please leave me a comment. Also I am always on Twitter so please feel free to tweet me who you want me to analyse as well. Thank you. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.


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