Pretty Little Liars Byron Montgomery ‘A’ Theory

Hi everyone, today I am going to be doing a Pretty Little Liar theory on Byron Montgomery.  Byron


Unlike the other characters I have analysed, Byron’s name did not have any significance to ‘A’ however, there was one line which I noticed which really stood out to me, Byron says “I have made some choices, that I later regretted.” This could mean that he has regretted doing some of the stuff that he has done to the liars and he regrets every single one but as he now has a reputation he can’t just stop tormenting the girls. Another thing which loads of you have probably heard about is that Aria gets the least amount of torture and ‘A’ is usually quite nice to her. This could be because Aria is close to ‘A’ and therefore this is the reason why she gets the least torture.

'a' blackmailByron also persuaded Aria to keep quiet about his affair with Meredith, ‘A’ also blackmails the girls to keep quiet and what Byron said is definitely showing us that he likes to blackmail people.

This image here shows that Hanna has a card saying that to get money she needs to tell Ella what Aria has been hiding. This could be a way to get someone else to tell Ella so that it is not as hard for him as he feels guilty and does not want to tell Ella for himself. All I am saying is that Byron (‘A’) could have given Hanna the card.

In the episode ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ we see Byron in Aria’s room looking for things that could show that she is having a secret relationship with her English teacher. This shows us that Byron is very sneaky and likes to be one step ahead by knowing facts about other people. This links to my next point when Ella says “Second Guessing her every move is starting to feel a little extreme.” This also shows us that ‘A’ is always one step ahead.  ‘A’ is also very sneaky, just like Byron. We also know that Byron sneaks out of the house a lot and lies to where he is going.

In the episode ‘It’s Alive’ Ella and Byron both make the decision to not let Aria see her friends temporarily. By doing this it could mean that Byron was preparing Aria for not seeing her friends much in the dollhouse whereas Ella could have thought that they were doing it to help all of the girls with their pshycological issues.

Another piece of dialogue that caught my attention was “No one ever starts out intending to hurt someone.” Could he be referring to the liars, saying that he did not mean to hurt them but now that he has a reputation as ‘A’ he feels like he has to keep torturing them?

During season one or two we learn that Byron’s brother Scott has a personality disorder and many have said Aria has a personality disorder as she is always looking in the mirror but what if Byron has a personality disorder as he is friends with Ezra and then he is not, he also says that he doesn’t want Aria seeing Ezra, yet then he dates one of his students Meredith.

In the episode ‘A Is For Answers’ Byron is mentioned and Allison says that she did see Byron the night that she disappeared. What if as Byron was in this episode it could mean that Byron does have something to do with ‘A’?

charles and spencerLastly, in the dollhouse we see a scene where Spencer is looking at some home videos and Charles is standing beside her. We can see their height. Spencer is 5,7 feet tall and Byron is 5,8. Therefore, whoever Charles will be roughly 5,7 or 5,8.

Thank you for reading my blog post on Byron Montgomery, please leave your thoughts and who you think ‘A’ is as I would love to know, also please leave a comment telling me who you would like to see a theory on. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX


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