Pretty Little Liars Jonny Raymond ‘A’ Theory

JonnyRaymondHi guys, so this is the Jonny Raymond ‘A’ theory. This one is going to be quite short so I am sorry for that.


First of all I am going to start how I start every one of my theories and that is with their name. Jonny has no real significance and it basically just means that the person is charming and Jonny is, he seems to become friends really quickly with Spencer because of his friendly and charming personality. His last name however means mighty protection and guards wisely. In the doll house we see that ‘A’ has planned out everything and there is no way to escape, therefore guarding the liars wisely and using mighty protection against them.

In the episode over a barrel Jonny asks Spencer where her garbage is and Spencer points to it. Jonny starts going through the bin. In previous episodes we see ‘A’ taking stuff from people and Jonny could be hiding in plain sight and he could be looking through her bin for clues about her or her friends and family and plays it off like he was making his own paints.

2We know that Jonny’s talents involve technology and painting. The painting is not really part of the clue however, we know that ‘A’ is good with technology as he/she sets up cameras to spy on the girls, he created a genius invention of computers which could be accessed to know everything about the liars, he also creates a genius invention in the Brew where people tell each other secrets. This could be one of ‘A’s plans to find out more about the liars and the secrets that other people in Rosewood hold. Jonny might not be the main ‘A’ but I definitely reckon he could be one of ‘A’s minions. Also, if you listen to him speak he sounds EXACTLY like the audio person in season 4 episode 20. I will leave the links so you can listen to his voice (zoo) (Brew)                             In the same episode Jonny says to Spencer “Be careful your face might freeze like that” in the episode before (5X17) Aria and Spencer get locked in a massive freezer in a old warehouse. Is it just me who finds this a bit creepy and coincidental?          Whilst Jonny is in a few episodes there is a lot do with freezers, he is always going through Spencer’s freezer looking for stuff. May not be a clue but it is kind of strange that there are freezer references before and after the scene where Spencer and Aria become trapped.

That is all for my Jonny Raymond PLL theory. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment if you want me to analyse a character and please tell me who you think ‘A’ is as I would love you know. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.


One thought on “Pretty Little Liars Jonny Raymond ‘A’ Theory

  1. also, he says he lived in Rosewood as a kid and refers to his mom a lot (never refers to his dad). also, he is about the same height as Charles when standing next to Spencer… Just a thought! 🙂


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